Thursday, 13 December 2012

One of our 'not so good' days out!! ;-)

Off on a day trip to Bath : a leisurely train ride, first class, of course;

a non stopper, no less!

Or so I thought...until we arrived at Newton Abbot Railway Station

to find that our train was... cancelled. Or just didn't exist!


The day just went dismally downhill from that very moment. ;-)

I mean, if you book something then you expect to receive exactly what you've booked...


But oh the small print and somehow companies like First Great Western

will try to cover themselves.

Never mind that they have my email address and could have informed

me that the train would not run.


Moan number one!


We got there in the end but the journey was rubbish and whoever it was on the staff

of FGW who said that a ton of rugby supporters (whose train had broken down), could hijack

the first class carriage, making it even more unbearable because..well..

I am as charitable as the next person but...



Thanks for that!

Moan number 2!

(Am I getting old or what?)

Bath Christmas Market...never again!

I couldn't move and I couldn't see anything... much!!

Just the tops of a few chalets!!;-)

There were a handful of stewards trying to shepherd people

in an orderly fashion...some hope! ;-)

Moan number 3! ;-)

Hmm, before you are wondering what 'moan number 4' might be,

 there were some high points during the day!

Just the one or two!

People were doing their best to enter into the spirit of Christmas

and add their touch to the mood in the city.

And I met a lovely person called Emma...'Emma's Soap'

But I have to say that the best bit was leaving Bath... and arriving home!

Once more, our train was cancelled! 

The journey home was a nightmare

and when we finally reached Newton Abbot,

I said to myself...'NEVER AGAIN!'

(Until next time!!)



On Saturday, I will be taking part in the fabulous

Christmas Vintage Bazaar.

This takes place at The Cheese and Grain, Frome.

It's a wonderful fair and must not be missed!!

So..see you there, hopefully!

And after that we are off to Wells!!

Now then...none of this involves a First Great Western Train 

and hopefully, I will return to my blog next week

with a much bigger smile on my face!! LOL!



selfsewn said...

Oh dear sometimes you wonder why you leave the house. If it's any consulation the Winchester Market was just the same, most people didnt even seem that interested, just taking up space!!

Carol said...

Oh Sal, what an awful day. A friend went to Lincoln Market last week and came back with a "never again" too.
Hope the bazaar goes well.
Carol xx

Anonymous said...

Pleased that you found my friend Emma and her gorgeous handmade soaps though...she's from Totnes Market don't you know!!
Can't do crowds very much myself but hopefully will manage at Frome this Saturday ;-)
See you trip!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

galant said...

But what was moan number three?
Margaret P