Monday, 30 July 2012

The best things in life are free!! ;-)

Wasn't it superb?

Well, that's what I thought! ;-)

I just had to stay up and watch it all in spite of

needing to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning in order

to get to a fair in Cornwall.

I loved every minute of the Olympic Opening Ceremony

 and I can only marvel at how anyone organises something like that!

Brilliant! Gold star and all that! ;-)

On Saturday, we had a lovely day at Vintage in a Teacup, which was held

at Wadebridge Town Hall and organised by a lovely 

mother and daughter, Tina and Siobhan.

As the fair drew to an end, to our delight, who should come and see us

but our good friends, Lesley and Paul (Of  'This 'n That' fame.)

Unexpected invitations are always the best

and when the fair was over, off we went with them,

to the north Cornwall coast, for a spot of...

Scones and Cream tea!!

You can't beat stunning views like this

 and it's like I always say... it's free!

Talking of which...something else so lovely:

I was left to water Nich's plot in the week, whilst he was off gallivanting!

To my surprise, a splash of colour jumped out at me.

A couple of years ago, we came back from a garden fair at Chagford

with a large tin bath, which we purchased from Lizzie, the Washerwoman.

This is what Nich has done with it this year:

sown a lovely selection of wild flowers in it.


And on to another cheery sight!

Last week, we had a stroll around Bovey Tracey,

the gateway to Dartmoor.

Bovey Tracey is a small town very near to where we live.

The town is looking really lovely at the moment

with plenty of floral displays all over the place.

On Sunday, we'll be going back to Cornwall for the very delightful 'Homespun' fair

at Portscatho.

I'm now off to watch some more of the Olympics!



Anonymous said...

The Olympic Opening Ceremony was totally fantastic...and I've also thoroughly enjoyed the coverage of the games aswell!
Looking forward to seeing you in Portscatho on Sunday!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Anonymous said...

I had to pay 7s and 6d for mine