Monday, 2 April 2012

Nostalgic Mix!

There are some things in life that one cannot give up!


And 'More Tea Vicar' always provides the best!

And so it was that the plates were oozing with tempting, tasty treats;

cupcakes were crying out 'Come, pick me...' and the Simnel simply sat there,

patiently waiting to be cut..again and again.

And all because of the now 'very famous' Nostalgic Mix Fair!

People come from far and wide...don'tcha know?!!!

We love this fair, partly because we don't have to get up

quite as's just a toddle down the road for us!

Not forgetting all my goodies...

This time, I was in a small room off the main hall.

No, I hadn't been segregated for any reason other than

a kind of experiment to see whether it was worth using the room.

But I wasn't alone!

My partner in crime was my mate, Amanda!

And what a fine time we had...with of course the added

attraction of Mr Snippets and Amanda's lovely mum, Barbara.

Enid Blyton might well have written The Famous Five...and The Secret Seven

but did she think of ' The Famous, Fab, Feisty Fair- loving Four ?'

I bet not!

Well...we sure made the little room work for us whatever our name !

It didn't dare not!

It was all sooooo good but one of my favourite displays was this:

The fabulously talented Sarah Strachan and her delightful


And next to her was the cutest display ...

I managed to whizz around and snap a few pics in order to present

a 'flavour of the day' to all of you blog readers.

'Elegantly Wasted' really was elegantly displayed.

I think that the addition

of the ballet dancers somehow created a calm and grace to their area.

And Tracey's (The Vintage Bothy) displays were beautiful too...

she has a knack for display and I reckon she must have been a top

window dresser in a past life; she is so very good at it, showing

her offerings at their very best.

As usual, there were...

...a few bits for the men...just to add contrast and interest

and make the blokes feel...well... involved !

Lesley's display had a definite spring feel to it...

the yellows and greens immediately caught my eye...

and of course daffodils were scattered around the hall

giving an added, fresh look to the whole proceedings.

A very good fair?

You bet.

Marks out of ten?

Twenty!! ;-)

Nice one Lesley...superb organisation as always

and a fine old time was had by all.

And if you missed it...then never get a chance in




delia hornbook said...

Oh My goodness i came into your little room and looked at your stall but i didn't regonise you. I also didn't see Tracy stand how i missed that i have no idea i didn't see the dolls either goodness i must have had my eyes half shut. I did buy a few things though it was a gorgeous event. I have never been to Totnes before what a beautiful town and that vintage clothes shop is amazing. dee x

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and a great report of a great day!
Many thanks for your fine company!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Down by the sea said...

That looks like a wonderful Fair, I'm glad you were able to get away to take some photos and those cakes look amazing.

galant said...

I wanted so much to be there ... have missed the last two fairs, but this time it was Family First as I was visiting a family member in hospital, so hope I'm forgiven for not being at the Fair! On these photos I can see loads of things I'd have loved to buy - love that 1950s tray with the ballet picture on it (not a bally, but a ballet picture, har, har!)
and some wonderful material which I would not have cut up and made into anything, it would have been an art work on its own, simply framed. I feel we shouldn't always chop up old fabrics and made little doo-dahs with them, but appreciate the fabric as a piece of art in itself, but I know I'm one on my own here, and all you crafters can't wait to get our your scirrors and thread, tee-hee!
Margaret P

Sarah Strachan said...

Hi there,
Thank you so much for putting my dolls on your post, Wasn't it fun at the fair?
Thanks again,
Sarah Strachan

Anonymous said...

What Fabulous photographs Sal and such a lovely account of yet another successful fair! you are so very talented. It was a pleasure to serve all those lovely people we had such a nice time and when I collapsed at home after we had unpacked I had a nice cup of tea !! ha ha!
Love Avril x (More Tea Vicar)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal,what brilliant photographs and such a lovely account of yet another great day, you are so talented!.
It was a real pleasure serving so many lovely people. when we had unpacked I collapsed in the chair with a nice cup of tea!! he he!
Love Avril x (More Tea Vicar)

Carol said...

A wonderful 'flavour' indeed, wish I could have been there to sample it.
Happy Easter Sal, hope you enjoy Monday's fair too.
Carol xx