Thursday, 15 March 2012

Gone for ever...;-(

Once upon a time, in our garden, we had the most beautiful rambling wild rose.

It rambled all along the top of OUR hedge and even found its way

up a tree, at the bottom of the garden.

It was a stunning sight.

We...and the rose...lived quietly side by side for many years.

Every year, at around late May/beginning June, we would look forward

to seeing our friend, the rose, appear and start its ramblings along

our very thick, lush hedge.

And then one day, two or three years ago, the destruction police, in the form of some

'village do - gooders', decided to hack the hedge from the other side,

destroying the rose and putting paid to

our little bit of spring pleasure....

that is , hack the hedge without a word to us, without the good manners

to even come and inform us what they were doing, and without the common

decency that one would expect from neighbours.

They even hacked away and thinned the hedge,

so much so that some of our privacy was lost as well.

We were not happy.

On the other side of our hedge is the village hall car park.

I can understand that they might want to trim the hedge

to keep the car park neat and tidy.

(although Mr S always did that, up until then)

I can understand the importance of keeping a village tidy.

What I cannot abide with is the lack of good manners.

Furthermore, they must surely have noticed the beautiful rose every

could not fail to notice it!

Respect, common decency and manners

cost nothing, don't you think?

This week, Mr S has been cutting the hedge down to a more manageable height

in the hope that it will eventually thicken up.


I miss our wild, rambling rose....and our lovely thick hedge...and I now feel

quite disillusioned about the place in which I live.

It's just not the same...and all because of thoughtless people.


Carol said...

Hi Sal, sorry to read that and totally understand your feelings. Thoughtless, uncaring and destructive people.
Many years ago we lived happily in a little bungalow, at the bottom of the garden was a drainage ditch. There was a hedge on our side of the ditch and a hedge to the garden behind us. New people moved in, decided to set fire to their hedge to remove it and thus killed ours! It was nesting time too. Then they converted the bungalow to a chalet bungalow, we sold up.
The people around you have such a major effect on your happiness and well being.
Hope you plant a rambling rose on your side of the hedge, and a bramble on the other.
Carol xx

Miss Holly said...

I think you should plant another...on your side!!!!!!!

georgi said...

What a beautiful place to relax... I ca see why you miss it...hope it grows back even more lush for your enjoyment!

KC'sCourt! said...

How rude! Some people have no common sense whatsoever just becuse it looks untidy. Flowers, trees, bushes are not square, round or triangular shape, they are the results of mother nature, they grow, they ramble they are untidy and ccasionally may need a haircut like we all do but not scalpped!
You never know they may have left a bit of the rose root behind and it may reappear one day......
If it is a rosae called Rambling Rector it sure will be back!!
Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

delia hornbook said...

i was sorry to read your post. Manners do not cost anything your right there sometimes people seem to have nothing better to do or no thought to their actions. You have a beautiful garden i know its not the same but could you not plant a rambling rose yourself but inside your garden and tame it from your side of the hedge. Just an idea but i know it wont be the same. Don't them spoil your own contentment though its not worth it. dee xx

selfsewn said...

bl**dy do gooders!!
def plant another on your side this time so they cant chop it!!