Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sunny Rosemoor! ;-)

It was definitely a Devon of two halves, today as we left a very cloudy south

and arrived in an extremely sunny north!

The last time we were here we joined the RHS for a year...

and so one has to take advantage of one's membership!!

The last time we were here we also had what only can be described

as a rather vile lunch...I reluctantly complained and received

two vouchers for two meals!!

Hence another trip! ;-)

I'd not been into this part of the garden, designed especially for children

to explore and discover, until today.

The Brash

A lovely area...encourage them young , is what I say!

Under the very blue sky, we wandered and enjoyed all things autumnal.

but it seemed like summer!

I love this time of year and I especially enjoyed our wander, today.

Few flowers now, but many interesting things had taken their place.

The Dahlias really were past their best although I did spot this late comer...

And how about this for the last Rose of summer...

No more Roses but I love Rosemoor and can't wait

to visit again although Mr S has promised a trip

to RHS Wisley, before our membership expires ;-)


On the way home we stopped at a little village called..


Now then , you might just have heard that Winkleigh has recently

become very famous !

We had a wander..Mr S joked that it was 'closed' as it was so very quiet!

A great day out..! ;-)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Meggy, her Mango... and a toddle around Topsham!! ;-)

Meggy will be 8 months old this week!

Here she is enjoying her Mango!

However, when we arrived at her house, yesterday,

she was more interested in her guests.

She is absolutely gorgeous; her big, blue eyes look at you intently

and she is extremely inquisitive!!

(I wonder who she gets that from?)

We love her to bits! ;-)

She is a little dear...and's a bigger one...;-)

We took the coast road to Exmouth, via Powderham.

Having had lunch with Meggy , Helen and Ben,

on the way home, we called in at Topsham.

I love a wander around Topsham!

On of my favourite little haunts is a tiny shop, which has an equally tiny

courtyard at the back, selling plants and garden bits 'n pieces.

And all at pretty good prices!!

Mr S spotted a bargain...some wicker pyramids at half price;

I've been looking for some for a while.

I didn't catch his smile..but can assure you that he did grin! ;-)

We cut short our traipse these were rather heavy!

Which is a good excuse for going back again, soonish!

Hope you all had a good weekend ;-)