Sunday, 9 October 2011

Meggy, her Mango... and a toddle around Topsham!! ;-)

Meggy will be 8 months old this week!

Here she is enjoying her Mango!

However, when we arrived at her house, yesterday,

she was more interested in her guests.

She is absolutely gorgeous; her big, blue eyes look at you intently

and she is extremely inquisitive!!

(I wonder who she gets that from?)

We love her to bits! ;-)

She is a little dear...and's a bigger one...;-)

We took the coast road to Exmouth, via Powderham.

Having had lunch with Meggy , Helen and Ben,

on the way home, we called in at Topsham.

I love a wander around Topsham!

On of my favourite little haunts is a tiny shop, which has an equally tiny

courtyard at the back, selling plants and garden bits 'n pieces.

And all at pretty good prices!!

Mr S spotted a bargain...some wicker pyramids at half price;

I've been looking for some for a while.

I didn't catch his smile..but can assure you that he did grin! ;-)

We cut short our traipse these were rather heavy!

Which is a good excuse for going back again, soonish!

Hope you all had a good weekend ;-)


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

always a pleasure to catch up with your goings on...

KC'sCourt! said...

Megan is gorgeous Sal.
I love Topsham it is such a pretty place, now we have a friend who has just moved there so we must visit more often.
Julie xxxxxxx

Lyn said...

we have had nothing but rain here but you at least look dry enough for a wander around what looks like a beautiful little place.

Anonymous said...

See ya

To infinity and beyond!

Menopausalmusing said...

Meggy is a little beauty, that's for sure. The prices at that plant shop were a bargain, think I would have been tempted by the pyramids too.

Sal said...

To Anonymous...I wish! ;-)