Monday, 22 August 2011

Homespun... and the beauty of Portscatho! ;-)

Yesterday, at 6am, Mr S and I set off for Portscatho, Cornwall to take part

in the Homespun Fair.

We love this little trip down to the Roseland peninsula.

If it hadn't been for Christine, Jane and Gertie organising

this event then we may never have fallen in love

with this little 'jewel of a place'!

The views are stunning and the walk along the coast path

just HAS to be done.

When the fair was over, we did a mad dash down the hill

to get to Christine's delightful shop,

'The Sea Garden'.

I loved this painting, hanging on her wall.

And the shop was crammed full of delightful things.

And the Homespun Fair?

Well that was delightful too OF COURSE!

There was a good mix of gorgeous, vintage items

and beautiful, handmade creations.

We met up with some lovely people..and...quite unexpectedly...

I've found myself signing up to do another fair this coming Saturday!

This time, it'll be near north Cornwall coast, at a place called St Agnes!

More details to follow re:


So watch this space!!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm 6 months old now!!

I'm back!

Everyone is very busy - mummy and daddy are catching up on sleep;

(I can't imagine why they are so tired all the time!)

my grandma is getting ready for something called the 'Homespun Fair'

at a place called Portscatho (but I can't say that very well, yet) ;

my grandad is making funny noises at me and

my uncle Nich is busy with his girlfriend.

So it's left to me to tell you that

I am now 6 months old!

I know that 6 is a big number cos I heard mummy say so!

I am now eating a little bit of 'proper food' ; I can roll over and I can sit up

quite well. Oh... and I make lots and lots of noises!

Anyway, I hope that you all have a lovely Sunday

and I hope that they all pay me some attention soon!

I'm not quite sure what I can do to be noticed!!

Meggy ;-) xxx