Friday, 29 July 2011

Jigsaws ...vintage style! ;-)

Vintage seaside!

Which reminds me...

For some time now, the sweet shop in 'downtown N.A.' has been displaying

the most lovely jigsaws in their window....all made up

and depicting stunning vintage scenes.

About three weeks ago, there was one in particular which caught my eye.

It was entitled, 'Bucket and Spade'.

The picture above in no way does it was simply fabulous

'in the flesh' and just how I remember my childhood at the 'seaside'.

Much of my childhood was spent at the beach, either going upline to Dawlish

or downline to Paignton or Goodrington...dragging my

metal bucket and spade behind me.

Occasionally, we would venture further, say to Weymouth.

Those were the days!

So...back to the sweet shop in town:

In I go, to enquire:

''Please could I buy a jigsaw like the one in the window''

''No you can't, it's discontinued''

''Can I have the actual one in the window''


''Why not?''

''Cos it is all stuck down on the card''



Well, I wasn't going to be beaten!

I came home, a woman with a mission!

Eventually, after two refunds from various places ( it was just as the sweet shop lady

informed me: 'discontinued'),

I found yet another 'Bucket and Spade', on ebay.

This time my luck was in!

Two days later,it arrived.


That done, I start to browse the world of Gibsons' jigsaws!

(Like I've got nothing else to do!)

Lo and behold, here is the very next jigsaw that I found!

Anyone who lives in Newton Abbot will immediately recognise this

as Newton Abbot Railway Station!!

The trains in this jigsaw are Plymouth bound and I used to sit on the wall

and watch such trains, when I was very little.

(That's when I wasn't posing at the beach in my latest swimwear! LOL!)

I have no doubt that this is where my love of steam trains originates.

I browse further.

This next one is entitled, 'The Evacuees'.

Spot another steam train!
And then it gets a tad scrummy!

I'm into this jigsaw business now...bigtime!

Sweet memories of the 1940s...

The 1950s...

The 1960s...

The village shop...

Toy Box 1940s...




And so that was my little escape into the world of jigsaws, with the vintage flavour!

What fun!

I have never been a huge jigsaw person...

I am now!

I'm off to my little domain at the bottom of the garden,

where more vintage loveliness awaits... and also a jigsaw is there

waiting to take me to the seaside! ;-)

Hope the sun shines for everyone this weekend!


Monday, 25 July 2011

Shed (or Summerhouse) progress!! ;-)

A 'stay at home' weekend, was the order of the day.

I wasn't allowed to go out to play!

And so this is where we went..

Camping in the garden, without a tent!

They say when the sun's out, you should make hay.

As the weather was kind , we beavered away!

We've yet to do the doors, windows and frames.

And yesterday was fun as we thought about names!

'Snippets Corner' appeals to me!

I'm longing to invite friends here, for tea!

He climbed the ladder and painted the side.

Whilst she took an hour off to nip inside.

And sew the curtains, floral and bright!

Then put them up..they look just right!

A few fave posters hung in place,

All carefully done... cos it's not a race.

More to follow.. rugs, chairs, throws, hooks.

And somewhere to sit those favourite, old books!

We're getting there slowly,whatever the weather!

'Snippets Corner' is coming together!