Monday, 25 July 2011

Shed (or Summerhouse) progress!! ;-)

A 'stay at home' weekend, was the order of the day.

I wasn't allowed to go out to play!

And so this is where we went..

Camping in the garden, without a tent!

They say when the sun's out, you should make hay.

As the weather was kind , we beavered away!

We've yet to do the doors, windows and frames.

And yesterday was fun as we thought about names!

'Snippets Corner' appeals to me!

I'm longing to invite friends here, for tea!

He climbed the ladder and painted the side.

Whilst she took an hour off to nip inside.

And sew the curtains, floral and bright!

Then put them up..they look just right!

A few fave posters hung in place,

All carefully done... cos it's not a race.

More to follow.. rugs, chairs, throws, hooks.

And somewhere to sit those favourite, old books!

We're getting there slowly,whatever the weather!

'Snippets Corner' is coming together!


KC'sCourt! said...

Oh Sal that is wonderful. I shall have to come and visit you.........
Julie xxxxx

Hen said...

It looks fab, Sal. Can just see you taking tea in there!

galant said...

Snippet's Corner is just right ... after all, George Bernard had Shaw Corner, did he not? What a pretty garden hut this will be, all you will need now is time to enjoy it. I shall immediately order that the clocks be changed to 28 hours a day, so you can have four extra hours a day to spend as you please in your lovely summerhouse!
Margaret P

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

It looks lovely! I can't wait to have a little quiet haven in the garden but must finish landscaping the garden first...Quite a way to go yet as it has to be all dug up to re-route the sewage pipes which we have found out have been put in the wrong place!
Isabelle x

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely little place to escape to. Enjoy it! M x

Country Cottage Chic said...

It's looking lovely Sal. Snippet's Corner sounds just right....just don't let Mr Snippets & Mr Cottage settle in there or you'll never move them!

Andi's English Attic said...

Shed? Shed? I don't think so.
'Summer house' is more the lingo.
Pretty curtains, posters too
I wish I had one just like you.
Lovely. Enjoy! xx

Miss Holly said...

What a Cozy little cottage.....I could just move right in! Can't wait to see what is next!

Anonymous said...

Saturday, Dearest, the Test is on
But No! to the corner I am gone
With me ladder and me brush
Decorating, all in a rush

First the back, then each side,
Then the doors opened wide
How about a coffee dear?
Not till you're finished, is that clear?

Sun, relentlessly shining down below
Paint brushes flying to and fro
I'm off to sew curtains, I'll be just a minute
Back an hour later, typical innit?

Eventually , allowed a sit down
But still no cricket, just my frown
Do you like these curtains? Fix the wire
No not there, up a little higher

Why do you need the doors off?
Why can't I have a try?
Here's the brush I'm off
England v India on Sky

Get back here! and have some lunch
A torpedo roll of salad crunch
And some bickies with your coffee
Now what do you suggest we name our bothy

Hally's Holt? no, cos I won't be allowed in
To skive and rest with tonic and gin
Nor plum pie, like Jacky Horner
Let's just settle for Snippets Corner

SarahB said...

Love it!!

Amanda said...

I'm sitting in my little bolt hole now. Even in the cold, snowy weather two fan heaters kept me toasty. You'll never be out of it! Its looking really cosy.

Alix said...

Your little retreat is shaping up very nicely indeed! What fun - can't wait to see it all finished...

Annie said...

It looks wonderful, I love all the prints and the lovely curtain fabric. Snippet's Corner sounds like a great name to me.
Ann x

Conny's Cottage said...

great house

I love it

hugs Conny

Anonymous said...

Cricket over, we've beaten the world's best
And so I wend my way, to our love nest
Down to the corner, I sneak unseen
Now, doors and windows all painted green
Flats and edges plus all the joints
Now I wonder if I'll get any brownie points

PS for green read some poncy fashion name that costs £5 a gallon more

Sally said...

It looks wonderful. Already so inviting. Enjoy every minute. More photos please of Snippet's Corner. "A room of her own..." I must admit a bit of envy here.

Carol said...

Snippet's Corner is looking fantastic, love the curtains. Giving me a bad case of the wanties.
Carol xx

THIS'N'THAT said...

Well. that is a seriously lovely little place. I'm sure that Mr Snippetts is (as Mr Fixit would say) "bristling with Brownie points". Love it!
Lesley XX

Menopausalmusing said...

Serious case of the "wanties" here...........

Love those curtains!

Anonymous said...

Hey's looking lovely already!
Know it will be totally gorgeous by the time you've finished with it...I await my invitation to tea with much anticipation!
LOL...Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx