Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Grandma and Grandad's day!! (By Meggy)

Remember me? I'm Meggy.

I am now 4 months old!

Today, I am trying to be on my best behaviour

as I have important visitors coming to see me!!

My Grandma and Grandad from Teigngrace will be here soon!

Mummy and Daddy tell me that I must not be grouchy!!

I can't wait to see them but I know that, first of all, they have

to drop in here on the way ...

Grandma loves gardening and there's this little plant centre

at Powderham, which she loves.

I heard her say that the last time she came!

(And the time before that too!)

It's all very pretty, isn't it?

Mummy and Daddy say that I am pretty ...

so I have heard that word before!

Mummy has been saying this word, 'Food', all morning.

I think that's because Grandma always brings a bag of lovely food from

the farm shop, for her and daddy, as a treat.

I can't eat any of that yet but Mummy says that one day I will.

Mummy says that there is more for her if I don't eat it!!

Mummy likes food!!

I think they brought the wrong car..I hope it all fits in!!

When they got here I was told to smile a lot! ;-)

In fact, everyone was smiling a lot!

It was lovely to see them and I got some presents too!

My Grandma's friends sent some things for me.

I saw Mummy unwrap them!

I also saw her unwrap the food (and hide it from Daddy!)!!

I loved seeing my Grandma and Grandad... but after a couple of hours,

they had to go.

I heard them say that they were popping up the road to

A La Ronde.

That's only two minutes from where I live!

Apparently, it is a National Trust Property.

I don't really know what that means but it sounds important!

I know that Grandma will take her camera.

I already know what a camera is because I have had one

pointed at me enough times!

This is where you can find out more :

It's no good asking me!!

I have heard that Grandma likes tearooms.

I hope to visit some when I get older!

Later on in the day, Mummy got an email from Grandma.

It said that they were on the way home but had stopped at Topsham.

I hope they had a nice day!

I certainly did!

I hope you did too


Friday, 10 June 2011

Vintage and other finds! ;-)

I stumbled across a lovely patchwork quilt at the fair. It was on Donna's fab stall .

I've put it in its temporary home for the mo!

My other fabric finds:

The gaudy green is actually a scarf

but I thought it might be useful in some way!

I've been collecting FQs of vintage fabric,just for me!

Lately, I have added a few more to my small stash.

The larger pieces are earmarked for cushions!

I came across the CK Lupin fabric on Etsy.

I'm especially fond of this fabric as I've a bag

in another colourway..and love it!

One day,when things are not as hectic,

I might put all of these together, to make a quilt!


I've found just the place to sit and enjoy


I'm certainly enjoying the new Mollie Makes mag!

and then there's this lovely book...

'A Second Helping' arrived today. I ordered it back in January

having been given the first helping for a birthday present!

Finally, I picked up this gorgeous little book at the fair.

More pics next week when I show and tell a few books !

And I'll also be getting ready for a new vintage fair ,

to be held next weekend, at Tavistock Town Hall.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

I'm off on a jolly tomorrow...naturally!!


Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair

This was my favourite stall at yesterday's Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair.

Not only were the items beautifully made and displayed

but the stall holders, Katie and Nat (aka Mr and Mrs Textile Treasure Seeker)

brought along their gorgeous baby daughter, Sophie (aka Little Treasure)

to enjoy the day with them!

A vintage lover in the making, I'd say!

And if you peep closely you can even see that the baby theme was

continued in their display!!

A fine day was had by all as the steady flow of customers

mingled amongst beautiful fabrics, balls of wool,

tweed jackets, kits to make children's clothes, brooches...

...not forgetting the abundance of handmade items and all the accessories

needed to aid one's sewing projects.

And, of course, every kitchen needs one of these....

Thank you to Michele and Jayne for organising

another, fine 'Vintage and Handmade' event!

In two weeks time, on Saturday June 18th, I will be trundling across

Dartmoor, with my fabrics, to take part in a new vintage

event at Tavistock...details on my sidebar.

More about this very soon!