Saturday, 7 May 2011

Off to Canada!!

He's off!!

Canada here I come!

As per the 'European' tour, he's left me all the details

so that I can follow his progress...

Edmonton, The Rockies, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto!!

Have a wonderful time Nich!


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

'So where do you want to go?' ;-)

We rarely venture far on any bank holiday Monday !


''I fancy a jolly jaunt...just a short one!'

''So where do you want to go?''

''I don't know''

(Well..I did really!)

''Hill House Nursery, Landscove.''

''Ok then!''

'' Nursery or Tearoom first?''

'' Tearoom''

So that is what we did!

We soon got chatting to a lovely lady and gentleman and all because

the lady loved my CK bag...!!

So...hello if you are reading this!! ;-)

It's delightful at Hill House at any time of the year

... but especially in the spring time.

You get to mooch in the beautiful gardens.

Wonderful sights, sounds and smells surround you ; it's idyllic!

You can stop awhile if you feel like a rest.

And you can grab a trolley and browse what's on offer,

in and out of the huge glasshouses.

This is my idea of bliss!

I'm pretty sure it would be yours too!