Tuesday, 12 April 2011

' Finds ' ;-)

Ok , so what did I find on Saturday?


Amongst all that shenanigans, I was able to escape

my reins and have a fun frolic around the lovely stalls!

I'm always on the look out for 'props', for my little classroom

and I was delighted to find this gorgeous vintage fabric

on Donna's stall.

It might be a piece of old fabric to many, but to me it is

full of inspiration, full of story telling and poetry!

I can't wait to use it with my pupils!

But until then, it is draped, strategically, over a painted chair,

for all to admire!

I also found this lovely book which, inside,

sports a vintage, picture dictionary!

Wonderful stuff!

I have to admit that I already own one of these gorgeous, scented,

patchwork bags from Hen ...the gentle aroma

of Lavendar wafts my way when I flop into my armchair, each evening.

So, I bought another for my teaching room...just to keep the air smelling sweet!

And what did I Spy next?

'Wild Fruits and Fungi' , from Lesley, has now been added to my mini collection.

It's one of the best range of books which was ever published for children,

in my opinion! Fun for adults too!

I have a 'thing' about old and interesting book covers

and I found these on Jayne's stall.

I like to think that many 'happy hours' are spent in my teaching room

and I hope that I'm nothing like the title of the book on the left!!


This little rabbit brooch came from Woo's gorgeous stall.

And right opposite me, was the smelliest stall of the lot!

I mean that in the nicest way!

I brought some of those 'smells' home with me.

Three Slimbridge soaps for my bathroom.

Three pieces of vintage cottons, again from Donna...to add to what I call my

own pile of favourites...the ones with which I am very reluctant to part ....

Finally, a handmade card from Viv and a small, vintage, framed picture from Lucy.

No more blogging this week as I've a pretty hectic schedule

and then on Saturday, I'm off to one of my favourite places to

have a good scream and shout...cos I'm allowed!

1Chesterfield United4114338943278
2Wycombe Wanderers4110559751369
4Shrewsbury Town419839481566
5Torquay United4110557952364
6Stevenage Borough418939481964

Go Gulls...you can do it!! Just believe!

Have a great week all !


Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Chipping Sodbury National! Gee up, neigh and all that!!!

''And they're under starter's orders and they're almost off!!''

The runners and riders for this fabulous event, all lined up at 7.30am, yesterday,

jockeying for positions, eager to get going!

At the front was 'Sal's Snippets' ...

Mr Snippets had whipped her well and truly so hard , as he raced like crazy

from Newton Abbot, to gain pole position!

But only just...

Because just behind them, came 'The Washerwoman', baring her teeth and

carrying a much heavier load, I hasten to add!

Jockey Jack was finding it hard to control her as they entered the stalls

and pulled alongside Old Snippets!

And then came that fabulous filly from the Bath stables, ' Mrs Cowboys '...LOL..

Her rider, Old Man Custard gnashed his teeth as he tried to control her

outbursts of excitement!

Oh, but you should have seen his swanky silks, yesterday!

Very fetching, luvvy! ;-)

Whoa man! ;-)

Sadly, it has to be said that it was not advisable to put a bet on

another young filly, 'Lucy Bloom' as she was feeling decidedly 'out of sorts' .

However, she managed to survive til the end ...just!

All bets on her were suspended but a pain killing injection

helped her endure!

Close behind that motley bunch, was the three year old,

'This 'n That'

Her jockey was definitely bursting with pride after his fantastic win

at Totnes , recently in the, ' Nostalgic Mix Stakes'.

A good bet, I'd say!

And then came, 'Hen's Teeth'!

Galloping up, to greet her old friends, she looked fresh and ready

for the long race! Her jockey was in splendid form,laughing and chuckling

whilst 'Hen's Teeth' whinnied with delight!

Now then...

Not to be confused with 'Hen's Teeth' was...

'Hen House'.

Two hens in a race eh?!!

Her jockey sported a very vintage attire and he was holding a colourful

crocheted whip ; so he looked the part today!

And he had his stable lad with him!

But, I do think it was awfully unkind to make his filly wear blinkers!

Apparently, she likes to stray too much at these events so he keeps her on

a tight rein , if he can!!

LOL! ;-)

(I can hardly contain myself whilst I am writing this!!)

Another runner was, 'Donna Flower' .

Champing at the bit, a well groomed runner,

she trotted around , daintily ; she could hardly contain herself either !

She soooo loves these get togethers, as does her mum,

who always accompanies her to these meetings,

to make sure that she gets a good start.

And then there was their mate, 'Woo'.

'Woo' had galloped a very long way , from east to west, in order to take part!

With her sleek, silky, purple mane, she looked simply stunning

and not at all tired out!!

Lining up behind them, was the agile 'Shabby Chick' from South Devon.

She's had plenty of experience, cantering around Newton Abbot

racecourse, early on many a Sunday morning!!

And here's where it gets interesting!!

Shabby's jockey, Barbara, is a lady jockey and a very experienced one at that!!

She keeps Shabby from straying from the straight and narrow so that Shabby

can concentrate on the job in hand!!

Quite right too!!

'Country Cottage Chic' was almost a non starter as her jockey had to

nip back home for 'supplies' but he managed to make it back in time .

'Country Cottage Chic' is a South African filly and

has attended quite a few of these events already, so she is no novice!

Go girl! Gee up!

Well, I could go on forever, couldn't I?

There were so many more runners taking part.

To call them the 'also rans' almost seems disrespectful

but that is not intended!

I just don't know every name!

And so it is that they lined up, under starters orders....

bang went the gun and off they went!

And whether it was meant to be or whether it was purely fate...

No-one fell at the first...

Or the second...

No-one fell at all! Not even Lucy Bloom!

Such staying power!!

(I mean, it was an eight hour race!!)

And they neighed and whinnied for the duration,

putting in a tremendous effort...

and doing themselves proud!!

So.. you might well ask...

Who was the winner?


It was a dead heat!

Everyone deserved to win!

However, a special thanks to 'Mrs Cowboys' and 'Mrs Country Cottage Chic'...

because as we all know, events like this don't just happen!

I hope you enjoyed my 'photo finish' of all the gorgeousness

at The Vintage and Handmade Fair.

(and my 'slightly different' take on it!!!!)


(Please note that photos of stalls do not all match up with the people mentioned!)

A grand day was had by all!

And if you had a flutter on the 'real' Grand National yesterday,

I hope you were lucky!

I was glad to get home for my well earned 'nap'!

Have a great rest of the weekend !

P.S. Mr Snippets did so well yesterday that when we got home,

I gave him extra oats!! LOL!