Thursday, 17 March 2011

Coming soon...Nostalgic Mix 2!!


Come to the fair!

You've may have seen the blog!

You may even have seen the shop!

And you will notice that, following the title, each has these words :

'A Nostalgic Mix of Old and New'

Do you know that there's noone better in the land

who can mix old and new in their shop, than Lesley, the owner of

'This 'n That'

Well, last year, Lesley organised the very first 'Nostalgic Mix Fair'

NM1 was a huge success and people came from far and wide

to visit the fair and also the unique little town of Totnes.

So...what do you do when something is a rip roaring success?

That's right! Repeat it!

That's right! Repeat it!


So...Better get your skates on and start planning your visit!

March 26th!

Coming by train...which is what I would do if I lived further afield

(but I don't, so that's ok!!)...Totnes is on the main line from

London Paddington to Penzance.

And a jolly little journey it is too...especially from Exeter.

Have I said that before?


The town is a ten minute , leisurely walk from the railway station.

And the rest you probably know very well,

if you have visited this blog!

I adore this lovely town and last Friday, it basked in the sunshine;

the market was alive.

I've been thinking some more...

If it was me and I was coming from further afield...I would come down early

on the Friday (25th)....and stay the night! LOL!


Anyway...back to NM2!

I'll be there with my stash of vintage fabrics.

Amanda will be there with her gorgeous array of vintage goodies.

Lesley will be there with this 'n that!

And..there will be so much more...including..

wait for this....!



The mind boggles!

And if that's not a temptation to visit

The Nostalgic Mix Fair


Saturday March 26th

then I don't know what is!!

See you there!!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Getting the gardening bug!

If you take the coast road from Newton Abbot to Exeter, you pass through the delightful

little village of Kenton. And there you will find Powderham Castle.

The castle is not yet open to visitors . However, there's a lovely little nursery,

a farm foods shop and a cafe

And that's where we called yesterday, as we made our way to Exmouth.

It's funny how a visit to a nursery can get you right into the

'lets get out into the garden' spirit!

Well it did just that... as today...

It's been sunny, all day ; springtime has certainly come early to South Devon!

Although the garden is a little colourless, the birdsong all around us

gave the air a certain sweetness, as Mr S and I toiled and tidied.

It does not take too long to get one's enthusiasm going again!

My greenhouse is ready and raring to go too!

Mr S has definitely chosen the best week to take his hols!

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Yesterday , Mr S and I took a little trip into the past....


Situated in St Marychurch, Torquay, Bygones is a most delightful museum.

You are transported back in the Victorian era... and more...

where you can savour the flavours of the day.

The Victorian street is a wonderful scene indeed.

Oh why did shops in those days seem so much more interesting?!

These fabulous railway posters caught my eye...

And also the 40s/50s exhibits.

Bygones itself has a fascinating history:

It's a wonderful resource for children as well as adults.

If you visit South Devon and love to delve into the past,

Bygones is a must!