Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Getting the gardening bug!

If you take the coast road from Newton Abbot to Exeter, you pass through the delightful

little village of Kenton. And there you will find Powderham Castle.

The castle is not yet open to visitors . However, there's a lovely little nursery,

a farm foods shop and a cafe

And that's where we called yesterday, as we made our way to Exmouth.

It's funny how a visit to a nursery can get you right into the

'lets get out into the garden' spirit!

Well it did just that... as today...

It's been sunny, all day ; springtime has certainly come early to South Devon!

Although the garden is a little colourless, the birdsong all around us

gave the air a certain sweetness, as Mr S and I toiled and tidied.

It does not take too long to get one's enthusiasm going again!

My greenhouse is ready and raring to go too!

Mr S has definitely chosen the best week to take his hols!


KC'sCourt! said...

You have a very pretty garden Sal
Julie xxxxxxxx

Alix said...

Your garden looks full of nice spots to sit and ponder! Here's to many more sunny Spring days for gardening and pondering!

Carol said...

Your garden looks lovely. Sadly in Yorkshire the weather is terrible at the moment, damp and foggy, more November than March. Hopefully you will be sending some sun up here quite soon.
Carol xx

Rubysmamma said...

Totally agree with you Sal, one look round a nursery has me running home for a notepad to scribble all my grand plans on!
I also start thinking, bugger, i should have put some money by for plants by now!
We had the lovely sunny day yesterday here in hampshire so we must have passed it onto you today! Our garden is the same, not alot of colour but the birdsong is overwhelming, blue tits everywhere!!xxx

dosierosie said...

We had lunch at Powderham during half term, it was lovely looking out over the park and the deer herd.

Josie-Mary said...

It's been beautiful hasn't it? I really must get in the garden before I go back to work x