Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I've had my head in quite a few books just lately!

Do share them with me!

Last week, my daughter Helen gave me this

wonderful read, for my birthday:

'One fine summer's morning the sun peeped over the hills
and looked down upon the valley of Silverstream'

Miss Buncle's Book by D.E.Stevenson

Published by Persephone, it's fabulous and

I really do recommend it!

All Persephone books have these beautiful endpapers .

This one is taken from, 'Flower vase lit by rays from a table lamp',

a screen printed cotton and rayon design

by Vanessa Bell for Allan Walton Textiles in 1934.

I've finished Miss Buncle's truth, I couldn't put it down!

So what to read next?

Sitting by my bedside, waiting patiently to be opened


I don't know about you but I do find Jane Austen

rather hard going at times!

I'm about a third of the way through this and

trying to enjoy it at bedtime!

(Or do I mean that it is rather trying at bedtime?!)

It sends me to sleep..or is that cruel?!!

I think my next read will have to be something

a little more light hearted.

Before Miss Buncle, I read this:

I enjoyed my little jaunt in Cornwall with

the Cornish postie.

A good and easy read.

Now then...moving on and

taking pride of place in my kitchen at the moment is:

This is a fabulous book and I really recommend it..

half price on Amazon at the moment !

If you love baking then this is the book!

Another birthday book, this one from Nich ,

is sitting in my craft room and I dip into it whenever new fabrics

arrive through my letter box...just to see if my fabrics are featured

or ... are very rare!

This next book lives on the coffee table...

And needs no introduction!

I have to mention this book, below, because..

I love this book so much that I have ordered the 'sequel'...

Ladies, a Plate by Alexa Johnston

And the fabrics..well they've had to take a back seat just lately

with all that's been going on in my life but I have a lovely selection

to show you as soon as they have all arrived!

Happy reading!


Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunny Devon;-)

It might well be winter in the north of the country but

yesterday, in the south, we had a snippet of springtime!

And jolly nice it was too!

The sun was out in Exeter and it was very warm.

I felt positively overdressed in my winter coat!

It was a day for a long walk around my favourite city.

Come with me!

There's no finer place to be in Exeter

when the sun is visiting than Exeter Quay.

And since we last visited a new vintage shop has sprung up.

Did I say new vintage...?!

Plenty of choice here, for lovers of all things vintage and retro.

There's plenty going on down at the quay and when

the sun comes out, so do the people.

I loved these garden items and the shadows they made on the door.

And one of these terraced houses, overlooking the quay,

would suit me fine!

We ambled back to the top of the town and almost collapsed

here ....

The fireplace, which is part of the bar, was certainly not needed

yesterday as the sweat was pouring off me as I downed

my drink .

Well deserved!

And a picture of contentment! ;-)