Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I've had my head in quite a few books just lately!

Do share them with me!

Last week, my daughter Helen gave me this

wonderful read, for my birthday:

'One fine summer's morning the sun peeped over the hills
and looked down upon the valley of Silverstream'

Miss Buncle's Book by D.E.Stevenson

Published by Persephone, it's fabulous and

I really do recommend it!

All Persephone books have these beautiful endpapers .

This one is taken from, 'Flower vase lit by rays from a table lamp',

a screen printed cotton and rayon design

by Vanessa Bell for Allan Walton Textiles in 1934.

I've finished Miss Buncle's truth, I couldn't put it down!

So what to read next?

Sitting by my bedside, waiting patiently to be opened


I don't know about you but I do find Jane Austen

rather hard going at times!

I'm about a third of the way through this and

trying to enjoy it at bedtime!

(Or do I mean that it is rather trying at bedtime?!)

It sends me to sleep..or is that cruel?!!

I think my next read will have to be something

a little more light hearted.

Before Miss Buncle, I read this:

I enjoyed my little jaunt in Cornwall with

the Cornish postie.

A good and easy read.

Now then...moving on and

taking pride of place in my kitchen at the moment is:

This is a fabulous book and I really recommend it..

half price on Amazon at the moment !

If you love baking then this is the book!

Another birthday book, this one from Nich ,

is sitting in my craft room and I dip into it whenever new fabrics

arrive through my letter box...just to see if my fabrics are featured

or ... are very rare!

This next book lives on the coffee table...

And needs no introduction!

I have to mention this book, below, because..

I love this book so much that I have ordered the 'sequel'...

Ladies, a Plate by Alexa Johnston

And the fabrics..well they've had to take a back seat just lately

with all that's been going on in my life but I have a lovely selection

to show you as soon as they have all arrived!

Happy reading!



KC'sCourt! said...

Thought it was just me who found Jane Austin hard going! I remember it being on the school sylabus and found it very hard going, then I read it again in my thirties and found it hard going so I must try it again. I am definitely going to find a copy of the Miss Buncle's Book by D.E.Stevenson, you are the second person to recommend it, and the British Book of Baking.

Puppet Lady said...

I know what you mean about reading classics at bedtime. I recently read "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell - rather slow-moving compared to modern novels and it took me ages. Good for getting to sleep, though. I got through it in the end. Good luck with Emma

galant said...

What a wonderful and diverse selection of books, Sal! I could never get on with Emma. It was once a set book at school, enough to put anyone off forever, I think. I'm against giving childen such books which were originally intended for adults just because they're 'classics.' We need to experience life before we can really appreciate Austen, Dickens and the rest. I enjoy Pride & Prejudice, but not all Austen.
I must order Miss Buncle, though; everyone who writes literary blogs loves this book and you can almost guarantee a good read with a Persephone. Perhaps soon we will be tempted into buying Persephone-type books, just as some stories are termed Aga-sagas (or they were), when the only Aga-saga writer at one time was Joanna Trollope. But I digress, great books (I'd love the baking book but have just treated myself to Afternoon Tea Parties by Susannaah Blake, just another afternoon tea book to add to my growing collection - for this is my very favourite meal.)
Margaret P

Florence and Mary said...

My brother was making the flapjacks from the Brit Baking Book yesterday!

Victoria xx

BusyLizzie said...

Lovely post Sal, thank you for sharing! Not a lot of time for reading at the moment, but a girl can dream! Lizzie xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sal, that is about the best advert I know against getting a Kindle - all those books look so lovely to hold - enjoy.

Andi's English Attic said...

Thanks for this post. I've put two of the books on my 'to read' list. xx

Anonymous said...

I love Jane Austen! I first read Pride and Prejudice when I was about 14 - I got it as part of a school prize for English. I loved it so much and had such a strong picture of Mr Darcy in my headf, that I couldn't bear to watch Colin Firth (especially the ridiculous swimming scene!)

bellaboo said...

What a lovely selection of books..the baking one is going on my birthday list! :0)

Bohomumma said...

what a lovely lot of books. I do so love a good read, but I can't read anything challenging/intellectual at bedtime, it has to be lightweight and fluffy or else I'm gone in seconds!!

Love me a good baking book too, so might have to check that one out - am feeling the need for a few new cake recipes to try, although we made rock cakes for the first time in ages this week and they were delicious!!

Love Persephone books - I guessed it was as soon as I saw your first photo. Definitely one to treasure.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely reads. The "Vintage Feed Sacks" fabric book looks particularly interesting ... :0)

Shirl x

Callies Cottage said...

Hello Sal,
I have the British Baking book- isnt it FAB??
Warm Wishes,

ALISON said...

Congratulations to you all. Lovely baby. After reading about all the books you bought, I paid a visit to Amazon and also ordered Kirsties book and one of cath Kidston . Can't wait till they're delivered here to Italy . What lovely bright flowers. Ciao Alison

AXShaw said...

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