Saturday, 10 September 2011

Nostalgic Mix 3...coming very soon!!

I've had an incredibly busy summer with my teaching.

If I haven't been visiting Animal Farm, mucking about in the pig sty with

Old Major etc, I've been joining

George and Lennie in their good ole American Dream

or playing the part of that 'dodgy' inspector in

An Inspector Calls.

And when I haven't been doing any of that,

I've been teaching other people's little darlings to read,write and spell.

And because of all that, other things in my life have been very sadly neglected:

My housework, my blogging and rather more importantly..... vintage fabrics !

So, yesterday morning, I was sitting on the floor, in my hall, surrounded

by all the gorgeousness in the world, doing a stock take!


Because there's a fab fair coming up very soon, in Totnes:

Nostalgic Mix 3 !!

I know that Lesley is beavering away in order to put on another

spectacular event.

I can't wait... but will have to, of course!

And so, if you fancy a trip to Totnes on September 24th,

you'll find us all in the Civic Hall, which is up the hill, at the market place.

There will be around 30 sellers with their vintage wares , along with

a vintage style tea room and great goodies to eat and drink,

provided by 'MORE TEA VICAR!'

Hope to see you there!! ;-)

And now, after the rugby, I'm off out on a jolly

so hopefully will be back soon, with a 'little piece of Devon',

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to it too...always such a buzz...see you there!
What a busy girl you've been teaching all summer...even grown up girlies need spelling tests sometimes, don't you know?!!!
Lots of laughs...
Love too!
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

BusyLizzie said...

Hope you are having a fab weekend, see you in Totnes! xx