Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wages; Whipple; What Weather! And a Wee Wonderful!!;-)

Want a job with high wages?
Well don't we all?!!

Want a book called 'High Wages' ?
Now that's a little easier!

If you want a good book to read then you can't go wrong with one of

Dorothy Whipple's fine reads!

And that's what I have been doing!

'High Wages' by Dorothy Whipple

''As she stood on the cobbles of the empty market place, a beam of light suddenly struck from the right, to her very feet. She looked up and saw, that an obscuring eiderdown, hanging in Chadwicks shop window, had been pushed aside......then stepping carefully around the tea cosies and peaked napkins....''

'Wanted, a young lady to assist in the shop. Apply within.'

And about the author...here's a snippet for you:


Talking of 'Whipple delights' makes me think of ice cream!

And ice cream really was the order of the day at the weekend!

At least in sunny Devon it was!

Here are a few snaps of the lovely Princess Gardens in Torquay.

I believe that these gardens are the subject of much controversy

at the moment because the Mayor of Torquay wants to 'alter' them!!

'Leave them alone' , is what I say!! ;-)

And finally, yesterday, I whizzed to another sunny place, Exmouth, to catch up with...

Meggy...now 5 weeks old!

Have a lovely day, everyone!



Diane said...

She's so perfect! Did your ears burn on Saturday - Clare was talking about you (in glowing terms of course!). I am holidaying in Devon this year and so will be keeping an eye on your blog for all the good places to visit. Ive already earmarked Totnes on a friday for starters (hubby and I call Totnes the Bun shop capitol of the world) as it used to be when we visited in the 1980's! xxxxx

Miss Holly said...

O.k......that is the most beautiful beautiful baby...you must over the moon with happiness !!!!! I'm so thrilled for all of you!!!!!

KC'sCourt! said...

She is beautiful
Julie xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Is she ever needs someone to cuddle her, I'm available!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Exquisite little Meggy.

Lovely hyacinths too.

My mother used to love Dorothy Whipple.

Menopausal musing said...

I think the little lady has stolen the show on this post! :o)
Isn't that just THE most beautiful photograph? So peaceful and innocent and lovely.........

Linda Gilbert said...

I think she is absolutely beautiful -- Lucky Grandma x

Ally Johnston said...

Baby is very sweet, bless her. I hope the Mayor comes to his senses soon. The book sounds great.

dosierosie said...

why does everything have to be changed.. If it's not broke don't fixit. Those bulbs are beautiful aren't they.


galant said...

Your post is a delight from beginning to end ... especially with Meg at the end! What a lovely little girl!
Margaret P

Alchamillamolly said...

I love your posts Sal they always cheer me up! but today what a lovley surprise picture of Meggy isn't she just wonderful - Oh weren't they lovely days when we had our little babies..............

Rosie said...

Ah, little Meggie so soundly asleep she looks gorgeous! Those gardens look to beautiful to alter in any way. I read Dorothy Whipple's 'The Priory' a while back and really enjoyed it:)

JP said...

she is just so gorgeous - our first grandaughter was born last March and we have had such fun with her! - hope the weather stays good as we are coming your way on Saturday for a whole week! - I am really excited!

Sal said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!! ;-0 x

Cowboys and Custard said...

What a beauty she is...and where did those five weeks fly to?
She'll be walking and talking before long..

Michele x