Sunday, 6 February 2011

A birthday in Bath

Yesterday, it was my birthday and so, after much deliberating,

we decided to catch the train to Bath!

First Great Western have an offer called Groupsave 4, which means that

four people can travel for the price of two..a bargain!

So, we asked the lads if they would like a freebie trip.

It got better!

FGR also do a weekend upgrade to first class

so we jumped into the empty first class carriage.

After a while a ticket collector came around to say that it must

be our lucky day as his ticket machine was not working so..

we could have free upgrades!!

Having travelled in peace and quiet, as soon as we reached Bath

we made for Sally Lunns, where one of her buns certainly sets you up

for the morning !

Somewhat full up, we strolled to The Assembly Halls and The Museum of Fashion.

Very interesting ...but I found the lighting very dim and so

my photos are not great.

The Assembly Halls are quite interesting too...

how I'd love to be taken around the city in

one of these...

The Sedan chair

We walked up to the Royal Crescent on this rather blustery day.

That done , we then made our way to The Pump Room

for a very pleasant and civilised lunch.

During the afternoon, ambling along Poultney Bridge, this flower shop caught my eye,

bringing some colour to an otherwise dull day, weatherwise.

And then of course, saving the most exciting bit til near the end....

Presents, you ask ?

Back soon with those!



landcuckoo said...

Happy Birthday Sal!
Sounds like you had a lovley day, well done for not getting blown away! What a lovely treat to have first class travel, probably was less bumpy than the sedan chair might have been!
Looking forward to seeing your pressie pics.
take care
Sarah x

Alix said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday! And what a great way to spend it. I went to Bath for my 21st birthday - only a few years ago that...Ahem! Hope you had lots of lovely pressies - will look forward to seeing them when you post them!

Lyn said...

What a lovely day you had and a great way to celebrate your Birthday!
can't wait to see your goodies!

galant said...

Many Happy Returns of Yesterday, Sal! I would have loved to visit the costume museum - one of my favourite places, though, is No 1 Royal Crescent, which is such a gorgeous Georgian house. Years since I visited so perhaps husband and I will make the effort again soon! Knowing me, I'd have given CK a miss, not enamoured with roses on everything as you know (unless they were attached to some Sevres of Meissen, har, har!) but yes, I'd have been in that bookshop before you could say "First edition?"
So glad you all had a lovely day, and what a smart 1st class carriage!
Margaret P

Louise said...

So glad you had such a lovely day on your birthday. I bet you struggled back with those bags on the train! x

sharie said...

Happy Birthday!!

I'd love to have rode in a sedan chair, heard so much about them in novels.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Sal. Thanks for sharing the photos.

BusyLizzie said...

Belated Birthday Greetings Sal. Glad you had a jolly weekend in Bath. xxxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Happy Birthday Sal - it started well with a free First Class upgrade, and you are correct Sally Lunns Buns do set you up for the morning, we had one for our lunch when were there last September. You did everything we did in three days in one day, I'm exhausted just reading your post, what time did you start out and returned home? The florist was new though that wasn't there on Poultney Bridge last year
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Menopausal musing said...

Looks like a super trip out. Happy Birthday for Saturday, hope you were spoiled rotten with presents!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. What a fabulous day out - and in 1st class style!! Looking forward to seeing your presents - could a little something from your favourite shop/designer feature among them!!

dosierosie said...

Belated birthday wishes. I love Bath, It has such interesting little alleys and shops. Can't wait to see the presses.

Claire said...

What a lovely way to spend your birthday. Feeling a little envious.............
Several years ago I visited Bath and absolutely loved it. Wish I could hop on a train and head there, but it would require a passport and a 20+ hour flight...........
Beautiful photos, would love to pop into the Cath Kidston shop and have a browse.

Claire :}

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a brilliant day!!!

Andi's English Attic said...

You mean to say you took two strapping lads to Bath FIRST CLASS and they didn't even offer to take you around in the sedan? I call that mean!

Happy birthday! Looking forward to seing your gifts. xx

Simone said...

Belated Birthday Wishes!!!

funkymonkey said...

I can't think of anywhere nicer to spend a birthday. Hope it was a good one Sal.


Pennyblossoms said...

Gosh, there must be at least two, if not 3, more decades worth of clothes in the Costume Gallery since I was last there!
Those W/E upgrades are a boon when we do our trips to Plymouth. A Godsend when we have the 2 cats! Tabby is very fond of those seats. (But we take a little cover to put on them first!!).
Z xx