Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I was reading The Guardian online yesterday , when this caught my eye!

There's even a free pattern .

All photos from The Guardian website.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Stressless or what!

A couple of months ago, dear Mr S had a very very bad back.

We just happened to be in a furniture shop in town where they had

Ekornes Stressless chairs for sale....for a few thousand pounds each,

I hasten to add!


Anyway, he informed me that they were

the best thing since sliced bread.

So..we came home and he searched on various sites

until he came across oneof those free ads sites...

and lo and behold he found a second hand one for sale

...except that it was not one but two chairs and two stools a 'bargain price'.

So off he goes... for the day ;-)

I say 'for the day' as the said chairs were in Bournemouth,

which is a bit of a jaunt from Devon,

especially on a Friday afternoon.

When he got home, he put the chairs in the lounge and,

to be totally honest,the lounge then looked like a medical centre

and I wasn't too happy.

But I suppose what's important is his back ?!

So, I removed one of the chairs to another room.

(Here you are Nich, have a chair!)

And just to get Dear Mr S back,

I've brought in my gorgeous vintage 1950s rug...

which he hates!

Well... fair's fair!