Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cockington..... a real treat ...part one!

Do join me this morning, put on your matching hats marked, ' Grockles R Us' and off we go, through the Devon lanes, to a real grock trap... but a pretty one nonetheless...


If you are in Devon or plan to come for a visit, I highly recommend

First off

And observe the surroundings, basking in all it's glory, underneath the very blue, Devon sky.

It sets us up very nicely for a jolly jaunt!
A little way up the hill...

What a pretty little abode!

The dappled
shade is much appreciated, don't you think?

A most beautiful arboretum surrounds us.

With Cockington Court in the distance.

This is a delight.
Often you might see a cricket match taking place.
There is so much open space too. And it cost not a penny to get in!
Just £3 for parking and believe me, it is worth every penny of that!

Here, you can stop for another cuppa, if you so fancy.
You might well need it as there is still so much to take in... and admire!

Don't forget to cast your eye o'er the local information before we move on.

Now attention!

If you think you've had a very pleasant time so far then you just wait...because what I have in store for you next, is some stunning stuff!!

Everything is coming up..... Roses!

This Rose garden is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen... and I have seen a few!
But oh, the scent!
Aroma after aroma hits you from every direction!
It is breathtaking!

Sights and smells mingle
together to produce the most idyllic setting.

Get to this place asap...if only for this Rose garden!

But that's not all!
More to be revealed tomorrow in Part Two!

What a fabulous Saturday morning!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Those damn Vuvuzelas..and a small giveaway!

I am loving the World Cup, apart from those flamin' Vuvuzelas!

OK , so they are the sound of South African football but
I think they have ruined the tournament in so much as you haven't been able to hear the individual groups of supporters from different nations, with their chanting, unique songs,drums etc you have in the previous World Cups.

The Vuvuzelas have taken over and stamped on any individuality. I think that's a shame.
On the other hand some would say that they have united all.

I've muted the sound on my tv for some of the matches , just to get away from the horrendous, constant drone. Killjoy or what?!

But love 'em or loathe 'em , I reckon they are here to stay and could make their way into our football stadiums (or stadia!). I wonder!

No doubt the company which produces them, have made a nice little earner!

Oh and apparently you can attain 22 or 23 points with the word, if you are a Scrabble addict. And that's not counting the double/triple word score etc.

I bet 'Vuvuzela' has been one of the most written words during this World Cup
and I bet many children's word books at school now include 'Vuvuzela' on the 'V' page!

So what do you think?
Let me know!
A small prize - will be 'booted' your way if you comment!

Talking of blowing one's trumpet...

My little 'at home' event was fab!
I've never done anything like it but I'm glad that I did!
But I have learnt from my mistakes.
Next time, I'll just do it over one week ... not two!
I am quite tired now.
The first week, I had people arriving each day and luckily, they spaced themselves out very well!
The second week, this week, was less busy because everyone had decided to come during the first week.

I do have the ideal space, under cover and dry.
I might even 'open up' once a week and advertise a bit more.
I'm not sure, yet!
After all, teaching is my job, first and foremost!
But I do need that 'escape'... and doing something completely different helps me no end.

I also live right next to a village hall and last week some bright spark who came along (!) suggested that maybe
we could hold an event there!
I'm thinking on that one!
It's a lovely location but with only a small car park.
We shall see!

Anyway, for now...a few pics. It's quite difficult to take good photos in this particular place so they are not that sharp.
I could have sold my rug a few times..but didn't!
I will be at Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair, Chipping Sodbury, next week (see side bar), with my wares!
I'm looking forward to that one!

Have fun!