Thursday, 24 June 2010

Those damn Vuvuzelas..and a small giveaway!

I am loving the World Cup, apart from those flamin' Vuvuzelas!

OK , so they are the sound of South African football but
I think they have ruined the tournament in so much as you haven't been able to hear the individual groups of supporters from different nations, with their chanting, unique songs,drums etc you have in the previous World Cups.

The Vuvuzelas have taken over and stamped on any individuality. I think that's a shame.
On the other hand some would say that they have united all.

I've muted the sound on my tv for some of the matches , just to get away from the horrendous, constant drone. Killjoy or what?!

But love 'em or loathe 'em , I reckon they are here to stay and could make their way into our football stadiums (or stadia!). I wonder!

No doubt the company which produces them, have made a nice little earner!

Oh and apparently you can attain 22 or 23 points with the word, if you are a Scrabble addict. And that's not counting the double/triple word score etc.

I bet 'Vuvuzela' has been one of the most written words during this World Cup
and I bet many children's word books at school now include 'Vuvuzela' on the 'V' page!

So what do you think?
Let me know!
A small prize - will be 'booted' your way if you comment!

Talking of blowing one's trumpet...

My little 'at home' event was fab!
I've never done anything like it but I'm glad that I did!
But I have learnt from my mistakes.
Next time, I'll just do it over one week ... not two!
I am quite tired now.
The first week, I had people arriving each day and luckily, they spaced themselves out very well!
The second week, this week, was less busy because everyone had decided to come during the first week.

I do have the ideal space, under cover and dry.
I might even 'open up' once a week and advertise a bit more.
I'm not sure, yet!
After all, teaching is my job, first and foremost!
But I do need that 'escape'... and doing something completely different helps me no end.

I also live right next to a village hall and last week some bright spark who came along (!) suggested that maybe
we could hold an event there!
I'm thinking on that one!
It's a lovely location but with only a small car park.
We shall see!

Anyway, for now...a few pics. It's quite difficult to take good photos in this particular place so they are not that sharp.
I could have sold my rug a few times..but didn't!
I will be at Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair, Chipping Sodbury, next week (see side bar), with my wares!
I'm looking forward to that one!

Have fun!


landcuckoo said...

Wonderful pictures Sal, you have such lovely lovely goodies. I didn't realise you were opening for so long! I think there is something special about having this sort of event in a home, makes it more personal and you get a welcoming feeling. If you do another one I'd love to come and see you, am trying to figure out if I can make it to the Vintage and Handmade on the 3rd inbetween shifts!
Take care for now
Sarah x

christine said...

oh no you don't, sal. i'm a wake up to you!! don't think that you can give those honking horns away as freebies!!! hehehe christine :)

VintageVicki said...

Glad your at home event went well - 2 weeks - can't imagine having to keep my home tidy for that long!!

As for those vuvuzela things - whilst we're not a football family those things have entered our life via big sons Ipod touch - expect they are here to stay now.

LissyLou said...

I can't bear them, it sounds like a swarm of bees!!!!

Glad your event went well, wish i lived nearer xxxx

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely goodies. Those blimmin things are doing my head in and I don't even watch football. I was going to have my first lie in for 6 weeks last Saturday. The little darlings next door were out in their garden blowing their blimmin doodah at 8am !!!
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that the Vu-vu's don't make their way over here... The photos from your 'at home' look great. I'm glad that it went well for you.xx

Isobel said...

Love your creations and be sure if I lived close by I would be one of your visitors.
Now tell me about those vuvuzelas!! I hate those things. I have experienced bad headaches after watching some matches and I just can't take them. Gee!!

opakowana said...

Vuvuzelas - lovely word, awful sound!!!
Shame I can't attend V&H - all looks scrummy!!!

Vintage from the Village said...

Your items are so lovely, I hope the photos were taken at the start of the sale not the end and that you sold lots.
Think I will have to buy a job lot of those horrid V things to sell at next years school fair, they might have a wider appeal to little boys than lavender bags !!

Country Cottage Chic said...

People keep saying that the vuvuzelas are part of SA culture which isn't true - they were only invented 6 or 7 years ago & have just caught on - very annoying sound indeed but very profitable for the company that developed them!

Your "at home" looks great - looking forward to seeing your goodies next week!


Hen said...

Sal, I absolutely hate them, heard the damned things as soon as the competition started and started moaning vociferously about them straight off! I think they should ban them, it's turned me off many matches as the drone gives me a headache! Interesting to hear from Jayne that they are not a long-held tradition either.
So glad your at home event went well and look forward to seeing you very soon. Am sewing madly but goodness me, it ain't 'alf 'ot!
Hen xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

I'm not a footy fan, and I certainly am NOT a vuvuzela fan either, they are awful, sound like a swarm of some flying insect!
Glad your 'at home' event went well, wish I could get there, perhaps another time - oneday......
Julie xxxxxxx

Puppet Lady said...

I detest the sound of those Vuvuzelas - in yesterday's match even the commentators were having trouble hearing each other - and it must be hell for the players too. I'd say they should be banned!

Your sale event looks just fantastic - how do you find the time to do all that and teach as well? Well done!

funkymonkey said...

I really don't care about the vuvuzelas. As long as England keep on winning I'm happy. Looking forward to ore angst on Sunday. Glad your at home event went so well, I only wish I lived near enough to to come and see the goodies on display.


Toby Tea Cozy said...

Sal, I love the header (not sure that's the right word!) at the top of your blog today, really vibrant and loads to look at! Vuvuzuela is indeed a lovely word, I can tune out of the noise quite well, I think its years of enduring OH's snoring or something!

Wild Rose said...

I'm with you Sal when it comes to the vuvuzuelas! They sound like a swarm of bees to me.

Marie x

Louise said...

Somehow I have managed to block out the sound of the vuvuzelas. I don't notice it. There were some jokers using them at Silverstone at the weekend. John and I just commented and laughed it off. There was even a stall selling them. What a nice little earner they must be. Maybe you should try some on your stall! What a good idea to have an open house selling your lovely goodies. I would love to have a sale on my drive, but haven't yet dared! x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Is there anyone in this land who can honestly say they enjoy the sound of these awful things?!! I do hope you aren't giving one away as a prize!!!!
Beautiful pics, and look forward to hearing what progresses from your idea!!

Sharon xx

Anonymous said...

To think people complain about the mad trumpeter at England cricket matches - at least he plays a recognisable tune!! I love all your goodies - why do we live so far apart!!

gill said...

Sorry Sal but I hate football so I'm watching the tennis instead - no vuvuzelas there!!


galant said...

I must've missed something but I thought Vuvuzela was a country in South America!

Joking apart, I'm so glad your At Homes went well and I was just so sorry I didn't make it over there. I had planned to come on the last day, but we were out of food and I had to do the supermarket shop in the morning (i.e. the time of At Home) as I wanted to watch the England match and I wasn't able to shop yesterday because I had another appointment! One of these days I will get to one of your Craft events!
Margaret P