Thursday, 25 March 2010

Naughty naughty Devon!

There am I, always going on about the wonderful county in which I live!!

And here's Devon coming top in yet another poll!

But wait!

Incredibly..this is a cheating map of the country and it clearly shows that Devon has the highest percentage of spouses cheating on their other halves!!


I have to say that I was quite surprised when I read it...

...why do you reckon this is? Devon of all places!

And have you checked your county?
(and his pockets...LOL! ;-)

Humorous answers please! ;-)

Map courtesy of

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Bunting and Brooches !! ;-)

On Sunday, I treated myself to some fabric from my shop so that I could sew some vintage bunting for my various craft events.

It's temporary home is now in my kitchen, on a certain unit which holds all sorts of
luverly fripperies!

After that, I had a few strips of fabric scraps left over and so I made a few cheap and cheerful brooches .
Vintage fabric, new buttons.

Bunting and Brooches...I quite like that name!

I do hope that everyone's week is going well !