Thursday, 25 March 2010

Naughty naughty Devon!

There am I, always going on about the wonderful county in which I live!!

And here's Devon coming top in yet another poll!

But wait!

Incredibly..this is a cheating map of the country and it clearly shows that Devon has the highest percentage of spouses cheating on their other halves!!


I have to say that I was quite surprised when I read it...

...why do you reckon this is? Devon of all places!

And have you checked your county?
(and his pockets...LOL! ;-)

Humorous answers please! ;-)

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Simone said...

Looks like we'll all have to move to Surrey!!!

LoloDesigns said...

Phew my county is yellow!

I reckon it's all that scrumpy cider LOL! x

Linda Gilbert said...

Well we shall have to WATCH Mr Snippets and the Sporty One-- Do they originate in Devon though -- certainly not the Sporty One xx

frayedattheedge said...

Ah well - up here we are obviously whiter than white - I guess we could star in an advert for Daz!!

winnibriggs said...

I'm afraid we're not too far behind you. Now what lipstick was I wearing yesterday???
Jenny x

Amelia said...

better tell my sisters, they both live in Devon!!!!


Louise said...

There's not too much of it going on in West Sussex! Crikey 20% plus. It must be down to all those Devonshire Dumplings on offer! x

BusyLizzie said...

Good old Daily Mail, what will they come up with next???

Menopausal musing said...

"As she dipped her spoon into the glistening raspberry jam, she looked at him from under her long, dark eyelashes and thought she saw the first ember of a fire that would become lust...... should she/could she enflame him more by going for the clotted cream...?"

Oooops! sorry, I was just doing my Barbera Cartland thing.... It's those cream teas that do it!

Vintage from the Village said...

Oh no ! Hope Mr V doesnt run off - he might take the computer !!
Sue xx

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Sal
WHen Michael & I move to Devon, we won't worry about that as we've already done it (run off together!) in plain orange Worcestershire!
I love your day out pics as they remind me of where I am going to be.

Jak said...

I'm shocked, Sex & the City has come to Devon! Now if Mr. Big lived there, I would seriously consider moving, yummy! What's next, drugs, sex and rock 'n' roll?

Quite co-incidently, my word verification for this post was 'liess' how apt!

Jak x

Caroline said...

Don't believe it. And not just because I live in Devon. Mostly because it came from the Daily Mail!!!!

twiggypeasticks said...

West Yorkshire looks quite safe, I think it's because it's rugby season and you know what Yorkshiremen are :)
Twiggy x

PS My word verif is faters, has someone been peeking at my scales!!!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Ah... might have to think twice now about moving to Devon and do a U turn!
Is it something in the water do you think.. or is it those wicked cream teas that bring out the philandering?

M xx

P.s SO good to see you and Mr Snippets yesterday..

funkymonkey said...

Hi Sal, just to let yuo know that I've finally put a little 'thank you' in the post to you yesterday. Look out for it in the next day or two.


Anonymous said...

seeing as i discoverd my fiance had a whole army of paramours last year (needless to say he is a fiance no more) i think Somerset should go up in the poll.

your posts do make me smile :o) i probably say that everytime i come here, but it's true. saying that... i haven't been over here as often asi would have liked of late, having been through a few more ups and downs. i happy to say i'm beginning to bounce back now, so you shall see a bit more of me here in future :o)

have a super weekend xxx