Saturday, 20 March 2010


The ancient stannary town of Chagford is a small town situated on the north east edge of Dartmoor.
The name Chagford is derived from two words : 'Chag' , meaning gorse or broom and 'Ford', which indicates its importance as a crossing place on the River Teign.
The octagonal market house, in the town square, is locally known as the 'Pepper pot'.
The Stannary Court would meet here twice yearly to levy the tax on the smelted metal, brought in by the tinners.

We had a wander around Chagford earlier today.
It's an attractive little town with a thriving community.

There are some interesting houses...

...along with some quaint little shops and cafes .
Finally, if you do get to Chagford, you cannot fail to be impressed by the two very famous hardware which we could have spent all day!
I do hope that your day was as....
as ours!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Smile or you'll have yer head chopped off!! ;-)

I was in town yesterday is 'downtown N.A.'
N. A. is short for Newton Abbot.
I don't talk about my town too much because it was once such a lovely town and then the planners came along and messed with it .
Sadly lacking its previous character, it does have an amazing number of charity shops!
Ah misunderstand..this isn't one...
This lovely building, above, houses the library and adult education centre.

Newton Abbot has its 'landmark' clock tower.
This tower is all that remains of the church of St Leonards.
Next to the tower is a plaque which marks the spot where the first declaration of William 111
Prince of Orange, was read in 1688....
('I hearby declare that all in this town do smile from this day forth!'
Signed Will )
Read on and you'll get the gist...
My town is also well resourced for coffee shops.
My mum and I just happened to be in this part of downtown N.A. yesterday, Queen Street.
There's also amazing craft shop, situated in Queen Street.
This is where I picked up these two canvas bags and decided on the spot that I would use the rosy fabric for bags and not cushions.

However, whenever I go into the craft shop..AND IT IS LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME...
the owner never smiles.
You hand over your money and smile...but...nothing!
I mean 'a smile costs nothing' has always been my motto!
So... I wish that she sold coat hangers cos know what I would do with one,
don't you?
So... no smiles... but the shop is amazingly well stocked so I suppose that's one thing in her favour.
She's on the ball....
but no smiles for Sal Hall!
I smiled a lot when I saw these boxes of buttons and fibres.
Not only do I love what's inside but I can use these boxes too.

I came home and fiddled about with my bags...

And I smiled a lot this week, when my new pieces of vintage fabric arrived.

Some for me..some for my shop.
So what's making you smile today?
The thought of the weekend?
Anyway...I'm signing off now with a big cheesey grin
Have a good one

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mid week snippets!

Come buy my ribbons!
I've plenty and plenty.
You get a selection for
One pound and twenty.

Red ones are striped, plain and spotty.
Blue ones are checked, gingham and dotty.
Green ones are lush, with florals galore!
Pink ones are vivid..these you'll adore!

Come buy my ribbons!
I've plenty and plenty.
You get a selection for
One pound and twenty.

Yellows are fun
Purples ones bright.
Turquoises gleam.
Blacks are the night!

Come buy my ribbons !

They're as glitzy as bling.

And lets face the truth...

They're better than string!!! ;-)

Last year, I bought some decorative decals on ebay and I started to transfer them onto some jam jars.

That's as far as I got.
At about the same time I bought some Union Flag coasters.

Yesterday, I was sitting quietly, thinking.
Suddenly, I thought..ah now there's an idea !

I have a great source for ribbons...a friend in the US fills a bag for me, for whatever price I ask, with whatever colours, designs and widths I ask for..and hey presto!
I never know exactly what I will get but it's always a fantastic selection .

So I put a selection of ribbons into the jars and I topped them with their little, vintage fabric, mop caps!

I stuck the jars on to the coasters, thinking that they might not stick.

( I bought some of that Eco glue from Paperchase, which I've not used before!)

Well they've stuck fast!
I know these will pretty up my stalls at the various fairs I've been invited to do.
More about that later.
Meanwhile..I am completely in love with this piece of fabric!

I'm planning on making a cushion with it.
And finally...

Mothering Sunday gifts from my lovely children.


Hope everyone's week is going well!


Monday, 15 March 2010


Does anyone know from whence the term 'flea market' originates?
I've read that it originated in France and that there were so many fleas in the goods for sale, in the outdoor markets, so that's how the name came about.
However, after further investigation (like I really have the time for this!) I read that there could be a Dutch origin.

If anyone knows...please enlighten me!
Meanwhile, I am 'itching' to take you to the Exeter Flea market!!!

As soon as I walked into the market, I met a lovely lady called Philippa.

She has no blog or shop but she does this flea market regularly and also the Chagford flea....and she had some fab stuff on offer!

Situated next to her was a wonderful show of vintage games,tins etc.

Apparently this tin, below, depicting the car , people etc is very rare!

In the middle of the market was a colourful display of Spring flowers.

A welcome sight....along with...

Lizzie! (The Washerwoman)

It's always nice to see a friendly face (or should I say feet!) when you go to such events!

Umm..well here is Lizzie ...standing with her wares.

I bought this sweet little apron from her

Along with this basket with some Pansies in old terracotta pots, from Philippa.
I was very good..after all it was not my birthday weekend, was it?!

Mr Snippets was quite touched by everyone's best wishes for a great weekend and he has penned a thank you:

"Thanks" for all your birthday best wishes,

Cards, presents, wine and the food was most delicious!

The efforts of Mrs S, was really quite a slog.

She gave me undivided attention and neglected her blog!

Now clearing up the wrapping paper, well here is just the thing...

Whatever shall I do with all this string?


! ;)



The two names out of the hat and the winners of my giveaway for the two little lavender pouches are :

Sue at Dollytub cottage



Please email me your addresses!

Have a great Monday, everyone!