Friday, 5 March 2010

'It's ALWAYS all about YOU,isn't it? ' AND another chance in the giveaway!!

You have to blame all of this...but this one in particular....

It just sings out, 'Mothering Sunday', to you !!
Don't you just love it?

And so you sit and you make one of these little sachets.

But you know what happens! get carried away and they multiply!

You hope that your mum will like them (all 66 of them..!!)

(Ha are only joking!.... But maybe not!! ;-)

So you sit and think about more colour combinations.

You don't even want to stop for lunch!

And you wonder why they don't make such pretty fabric nowadays!
(Or do they?)

And you keep glancing at it...

because you just can't help it.

And gather it all up and arrange it in a basket...and you disappear into the land of...
make believe....

And you pretend that you are walking around the village, selling vintage fabric.

You could even invent a street cry!


But you are a teacher, for goodness sake, not a door to door salesman!

So you sit and think a bit more. You have been thinking a lot, just lately!
You decide that you will 'dabble'! You love the word 'dabble'!

You 'dabbled' before (you had a fabric shop on ebay for about 6 years, you see)..and you made it a why not dabble again?
That is what you'll do .

You will sell a few bits here, for starters :

Meanwhile, before you forget ... that giveaway!

You couldn't believe how many names you had to write, to go into your hat!

Two little Lavender sachets, made with some pretty vintage fabric and some of Sarah's Lavender...will soon be on their way to the lucky winner.


But you are distraught!

But you know that you will have to disappoint so many!

Tara! That's why you have made extra!

So you can give them all an extra chance!!

This is what you will ask your readers to do. Here goes :

Remember that street cry...walking around the village with that scrummy fabric!


The wittier the better!

Oh what fun!

You are loving this!

You will draw and announce the two winners after the weekend.

*** really will have to fly now as you have some English lessons to prepare !

The topic is 'Writing in the second person!'

And you sit and wonder...

how on earth do you do that!!!!


Oh and... you must not forget to wish everyone a fab weekend, must you?!



Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I've something to show you...and a giveaway ! ;-)

Take a seat and enjoy with me,

A mug of coffee or a cup of tea.

After that, we'll stroll around

a new a Devon town.

This shop is good enough to eat.

Once inside, ohhh... it's such a treat!

Vintage touches on every table.

With information on each label.

To leave empty handed...there is NO HOPE!

There's even some rather delicious soap.

Hangers, lavender and hearts.

This shop is top ....of my charts!

Every gorgeous floral curtain...

You will love.. of that I'm certain!

It's just so much to take in...
So when you begin again!

Tenth time around...feeling tired?

'Is a bed what madam desired?'

This shop is the answer to so many prayers...

And I have not even showed you around... UPSTAIRS!!

A patchwork and pink
A unit with a kitchen sink.

New home, new name, for this lovely shop.
If you come to Devon, Ashburton's your stop!

18, North Street
Formerly 'Sarah's Lavender Box'
But you knew that anyway, didn't you?
And finally, a giveaway!
Before I go for dinner.
A 'Vintage Emporium' scoop of 'something nice'
for the lucky winner!
A simple comment will be fine!
Good luck,
I hope you enjoyed my rhyme!
(Phew..I need that cuppa now)

Sunday, 28 February 2010

LOL ;-)

Exeter was blooming lovely, yesterday!
In Southernhay, all the Crocuses (or it can be Croci!) looked beautiful, around the trees.

Jenni Flower was another reminder that Spring is almost with us.

And here, below, is one of my favourite parts of Exeter, behind the Cathedral.

Look carefully and you can just see the Cathedral.

Ah...and here is a shopper, well pleased with his purchase...well actually it's his birthday present and guess where it's from?

The Apple store!

You get this very 'tasty' bag... so that you can then walk around Exeter looking like a right plonker! LOL!

There's an 'apple' logo on the bag...great advertising eh?

It was as we were walking along Southernhay, when suddenly dear Mr S shouts out,

'Hey, look at this, look at this, look at this...!'

I thought Christmas had come.

In the gutter, were loads of 1p

There he is, apple rucksack on his back, scrabbling around, in the gutter, like a man on a mission!

He always finds money when we go out! Always.

I laughed so much that I forgot to take out the camera!

But that's not all. He also found three 5ps in other parts of the city.

Sometimes, if we don't spend anything , we actually come home in profit!!

(Well I don' History teacher always told me to 'look up'!!! I never find anything!)

Anyway, it's all good fun and as you can see, I have a man who provides well for me! ;-)

Last year, I didn't even have to go to the bank to get a float for the V&H Fair!

That's how good he was!

(I might loan him out... for a small fee!)

Moving on..

It's the year of the bag, for blokes, that is!

Here are two 'very keen' shoppers making their way to the city, from Central station.

If you look to the right, next to the dark blue shop is Habitat,where Joe works!
(Josie Mary blog)

We called in and had a lovely chat with her.
Next stop was Ottos.
And then came the haggling bit!

I'm sure it is not normal practice to haggle in shops

but Otto Retro is a junk shop and the guy in charge was not sure about the price of these chair backs!

Thus he asked me for some ridiculous amount of money.

'You have to be joking,' said I!

'But people make these into cushions' said he.

(Cor, he's very wised up for a bloke eh?)

As you can see, I beat him down!
What a day!
I hope your Saturday was as much fun as ours and that you laughed as much as we did!