Sunday, 28 February 2010

LOL ;-)

Exeter was blooming lovely, yesterday!
In Southernhay, all the Crocuses (or it can be Croci!) looked beautiful, around the trees.

Jenni Flower was another reminder that Spring is almost with us.

And here, below, is one of my favourite parts of Exeter, behind the Cathedral.

Look carefully and you can just see the Cathedral.

Ah...and here is a shopper, well pleased with his purchase...well actually it's his birthday present and guess where it's from?

The Apple store!

You get this very 'tasty' bag... so that you can then walk around Exeter looking like a right plonker! LOL!

There's an 'apple' logo on the bag...great advertising eh?

It was as we were walking along Southernhay, when suddenly dear Mr S shouts out,

'Hey, look at this, look at this, look at this...!'

I thought Christmas had come.

In the gutter, were loads of 1p

There he is, apple rucksack on his back, scrabbling around, in the gutter, like a man on a mission!

He always finds money when we go out! Always.

I laughed so much that I forgot to take out the camera!

But that's not all. He also found three 5ps in other parts of the city.

Sometimes, if we don't spend anything , we actually come home in profit!!

(Well I don' History teacher always told me to 'look up'!!! I never find anything!)

Anyway, it's all good fun and as you can see, I have a man who provides well for me! ;-)

Last year, I didn't even have to go to the bank to get a float for the V&H Fair!

That's how good he was!

(I might loan him out... for a small fee!)

Moving on..

It's the year of the bag, for blokes, that is!

Here are two 'very keen' shoppers making their way to the city, from Central station.

If you look to the right, next to the dark blue shop is Habitat,where Joe works!
(Josie Mary blog)

We called in and had a lovely chat with her.
Next stop was Ottos.
And then came the haggling bit!

I'm sure it is not normal practice to haggle in shops

but Otto Retro is a junk shop and the guy in charge was not sure about the price of these chair backs!

Thus he asked me for some ridiculous amount of money.

'You have to be joking,' said I!

'But people make these into cushions' said he.

(Cor, he's very wised up for a bloke eh?)

As you can see, I beat him down!
What a day!
I hope your Saturday was as much fun as ours and that you laughed as much as we did!


KC'sCourt! said...

Your husband and I should get together I'm always finding money! Once a few years ago friend by-passed a coin on the way to taking her children school refusing to pick it up thinking it was a penny I walked home with her spotted it - it was a pound coin!
I can recommend the restaurant/cafe next to Habitat we always eat there when we go to Exeter, very friendly place and good food.
Vintage embroidery is great can't wait to see what you are going to make.

VintageVicki said...

See a penny pick it up then all day you'll have good luck ;) - least thats what my grandma says. I always pick up dropped coins - little son has a good eye for them too.

An ipod touch or phone in that bag???

Simone said...

Lucky Mr Snippets! I once found a whole heap of Pesetas buried on a Spanish beach when I was a child! There always seems to be the odd loose change around train stations especially when there is a Newsagents nearby too!

Menopausal musing said...

Sounds like a great day! I wondered what was in Birthday Boy's bag too......... Happy Birthday to him, and I also look out for money........... and find it sometimes. Well done you for haggling.........

melanie said...

Sounds like such a fun day, I really enjoyed reading your post. :) xxx

Karen said...

Sounds like you had a fun day :)

Love the chair back covers, gorgeous embroidery on them :)

Pomona said...

My husband is good on the coins on the floor front - I always look and never find anything!

Pomona x

Guenievre said...

Vous vous êtes bien amusés pendant cette journée à Exeter. C'est une belle ville, j'ai beaucoup aimé la visiter il y a plusieurs années.
Bon dimanche !

Kathy said...

Looks like you had a good Saturday!
I enjoy finding coins down the side of the sofa and in the pocket of a coat that you haven't worn for a while ... though I suppose that's not technically finding if it was your own to start with!
My man doesn't carry bags ... and doesn't see why women need them ... what's wrong with pockets? Then he puts his wallet and phone in my bag!!!

Love Kathy xxx

Susie's country cottage said...

Exeter looks like a nice place to visit. I love the displays outside Jenni Flower and the crocus are really pretty. I think its great that your husband can show off his new present like that!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

I just became an Apple fan. : )

Those vintage pretties are beautiful. Love the colors they used. I just finished my simple rose/flower embroidery. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Maybe another pillow. They are fun to find and to recreate for our homes. Loved the photos of the crocus, spring is just around the corner. : )

Andi's English Attic said...

It sounds as though you had a lovely day and lots of laughs. And DAFFODILS! You have Daffodils in your shops. We have none. I tried to get some for St. David's day tomorrow and the florists and market people told me they were late in blooming this year and didn't have any. xx

twiggypeasticks said...

looks lovely, will you send us some sunshine please :)
Twiggy x

Florence and Mary said...

Sounds like a fun day Sal!

Victoria xx

Kitty said...

Blimey, I could do with Mr Snippets round here! Sounds like you had a lovely day out :) x

Louise said...

I always hesitate when I see a dropped coin on the pavement, incase someone has stuck it there, and is watching! I guess I'd take a chance if it was a £1 coin though. I wonder what men keep in their 'manbags'?

Carol said...

When I was a little 'un, back in the 50's, I found a ten bob note in a telephone box. I went with my Dad to the police station to hand it in. 3 months later we went back, it hadn't been claimed so it became "my property". A fortune!

Josie-Mary said...

My dad always finds money too, it makes his day :) Jenni flower's looks lovely, haven't been that way for a few weeks now. :) x

Just Original said...

Oh how I loved Exeter when I used to have a branch down there. It did not feel like a city rather like York up here.

Jenni's Flowers looks lovely!

Vanessa x

Sarah said...

Love the embroidery - well done for beating him down!
My 2 boys always find money, I always feel a little 'sad' picking up pennies off the floor! they all add though....

bellaboo said...

Sounds like your hubbie is a walking metal detector!
The embroidery is really pretty.Shame.. but it's getting that way with the prices,now that everyone's collecting 'vintage' stuff.

Bellaboo :o)

frayedattheedge said...

My husband is very good at picking up coins in the street - See a penny pick it up and all the day you'll have a .... penny!!

Anonymous said...

What's that saying? "Find a penny pick it up and all the day you will have good luck" or some such thing. We pick up all money we find out and about.

Exeter looking very lovely as always. Congrats to you for haggling lol!

Shirl x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that lovely photo of Mol's Coffee House - used to walk past it on my way to work many years ago ...