Friday, 5 February 2010

Such a lovely day! ;-)

Welcome to my flower shop...Sally Flower!

Today is my birthday and phew, what a lovely day I'm having!

We'll forget the age... as my motto is, 'Act your shoe size!!' ;-)

Eight of us went out for a fab lunch at The Hare and Hounds, Kingskerswell.

My b/day actually began yesterday, when these lovely flowers arrived... from the lovely Michele (of Cowboys and Custard fame!)

Followed up today with Roses, from dear Mr S!

These from my sis...

And Carnations (top pic) from my lovely daughter, along with this delightful book ...and
she had also baked cakes...which tasted delicious..and have now almost all gone.

Nich gave me these silicone cake cases .

My mum and dad filled up a basket...
And gave me some dosh to spend...way hay! More about that in a mo...;-)

I bet you are thinking..'No CK this year,Sal? '...not the case!
My sis came up trumps with these large CK zipped bags..I am in desperate need for storage for my jumpers etc so ..ideal!

Plus this lovely napkin holder (not from CK)

I received some lovely cards but this one took me back to the days when I sat on the butter cross in a fave city of mine.

I recognised it instantly and some of you will too!
Mr S gave me this gorgeous Cashmere cardy from Orvis in Exeter, along with the raspberry scraf from, Moko in Gandy Street
And also..
Boots look so much nicer surrounded with flowers, don't you think?
Having searched for a while for some very comfy boots, I ended up with some DMs!!
I'm glad I did as these are so comfortable.
They are not the clumpiest DMs but slightly more dainty, if ever there could be such a thing!
They are Dr Martens 'Paloma' boots.
We tramp around a lot on Saturdays and these will be well used...starting off with tomorrow..!

I know exactly where we are going ! ;-)

Thank you to all of my lovely family for making today so fab!

Finally...the winner of my last giveaway is...

Sarah of 'Iandcuckoo'

Well done! ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

'Goings ons' in the crafty place ;-)

A year ago I made some of these :

They all sold at the V&H Fair and so..

Rather than throw away these boxes (they come with lovely wavy lids), I thought I'd make some more. I only had three boxes but used the tops and bottoms and thus made six.

I just had to raid my vintagey bits of fabric to add that extra touch, you understand!

And I got going, covering the card and the boxes

Giving each a vintage touch...

I'm going to load these with papers and pencils

They make a nice, inexpensive gift ;-)

Whilst they were drying, I took a long sniff at these ... I revamped these lavender bags, yesterday, just to pretty them up a bit!

That's my 20 minutes for today and yesterday....LOL!
(More like two hours +)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sitting on the floor surrounded by buttons! ;-)

When I was very young, I had a fascination with my grandma's button box.
It intrigued me and I would sit for hours playing with the buttons, wondering about their adventures in life...they were all old buttons with a history!

From that day, I have always loved buttons! I started my own button box years ago . I never throw away any buttons.
The funny thing is that my grandma's surname actually was ... Mrs Button!

Last year, I bought two of those CK boxes with compartments and sorted all my buttons into colours. It took me an age but I was very satisfied when the job was done!
Last week, I was having a bit of a tidy up... and knocked over both boxes on to the floor.
So there I was sitting on the floor surrounded by buttons (picture the scene and do laugh out loud!), calling myself all the names under the sun, until I started to paw over the buttons and the memories of my grandma's button box came flooding back.

My crafting, on Friday afternoon, was spent making some little button bags with a touch of lovely feedsack fabric.

I'm going to sell these with some buttons included...but...

As it's my birthday at the end of the week, I'm also making a surprise one for a birthday giveaway...with some buttons included!

I'll announce the winner on Friday ;-)

It'll include a touch of vintage feedsack fabric and some lovely calico cotton fabric.

All you need to do is make a comment on this post, mentioning buttons in some way!
And if you fancy learning a bit more about the history of's a link...