Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas comes alive!

I crept downstairs,
With bleary eyes,
Twas then I got
A big surprise!

Something had happened,
In the night
I looked again.
Cor! What a sight!

Christmas had come..
To my house.
I crept some more,
Just like a mouse.

On the dresser,
Fancy things,
Santas, angels
and some kings!

Showing off
to their best
Standing tall,
They dare not rest!

'Christmas Village'
(My best china)
You couldn't find,
Anything finer!

All were waiting
for that big day!
Hip hip hip pip,
Hip hip hurray!

I played around
I played some more
And then..a knock
At my front door!

A parcel big...
as big could be..
I jumped!
I clapped my hands with glee!

But alas my name
... not on the label!
I sighed
And left it on the table.

And as I listened,
I could hear,
The sound of something...
Very clear

I'd heard that before!
I quickly hid
behind the door!

And quickly,
Whilst they had the chance
They came to life
And began to dance!

And all this happened
In my hall!
I rubbed my eyes
What a ball!

Soon, they were
Back to their places
I swear I saw
Smiles on their faces!

At the table,
I sat down
T'was then that something
Made me frown!

That parcel!
It was all undone!
Look who had come
To join the fun...

Nuts or Crackers?
I may be both!
But I know what I saw
And that's the truth! ;-)

A very Happy Christmas everyone!!



Anonymous said...

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LissyLou said...

gorgeous christmas post xxx

Merry Christmas Sal xx

KC'sCourt! said...

I love your rhyme and photos, you have made me all christmassy!
Julie xxxxxxx
PS not very good with rhyme - sorry

Andi's English Attic said...

Thanks for that.
I'll eat my hat
If anyone's dresser
Looks any better.
Have a great Christmas!


Molton Hearts said...

Dresser looks lovely, if your lucky you may get some snow yet !!

Happy Christmas,

Vicki x

Menopausal musing said...

What lovely post. Have got up to our first real snow this year (not much, but enough), your post and that first comment which made me smile .......... a lovely start to the day.

Simone said...

Happy Christmas Sal. Your place is certainly looking Christmassy! x

Cally's Cottage said...

And A Merry Christmas To You!!!
Warm Wishes,

Accomodation Tavistock said...

Looking very festive I must admit. My house only has a tree with a few lights. I suppose I've not had the time though. But this has inspired me to try.

BusyLizzie said...