Thursday, 18 November 2010

Happy Birthday Nich!! ;-) and a giveaway to celebrate!

There's a birthday in our house today!
26 years ago, Nich made his entrance into the world!

I remember it well!

There were only two of us mums in Newton Abbot hospital at the time,
It was about to close down its maternity unit and so Nicholas John
was one of the last babies to be born there.
We breed them big in Newton Abbot and he weighed 9lb 6 ozs!
(Ouch! But he was worth the pain! ;-)

Anyway, 26 years on, Nich has packed a lot into his life so far
and he loves to 'get around!'

And so, I have devised a little giveaway competition called:

'Where in the world am I?'

Featuring some of the places where Nich has travelled, you need to study carefully!

Post your answers in the comments and there will be a prize !

I'll get Nich to select the winner

Here goes and I've put a clue with each one:

Photo 1
( Clue: 'Mum is always telling her pupils to use an alternative word!')


Photo 2
(Clue: 'I like to gad about, wander about, potter about and
........ **** about!')


Photo 3
(Clue: 'When it's spring again, I'll bring again, Geraniums from
...uh oh...that does not sound quite right!!')


Photo 4
(Clue : ''s Torquay but I need the name of the beach...the second half of the
name ends with a body part!! No rude answers!!')


Photo 5
(Clue: 'Probably one of the most beautiful cathedrals in England.
Well I think so!')


Photo 6
(Clue: 'Above or below...with the Saints marching close by!!')


Photo 7
(Clue: 'Oh look , if I turn around, I can see mum down there with her camera!! )


Photo 8
( Clue : ' I went here on an archaeology trip in my first year at Uni.
I need the name of the state in the USA')


Photo 9
(Clue: 'I was here very recently, a small town in Devon..
....tars and barrels were the order of the day')


Photo 10
(Clue : 'It's ok mum, it will be a peaceful protest....
and you need not worry!' (Yeah right!)


Photo 11
(Clue: 'Having staggered up that awful hill,
I'm now taking a very leisurely wander around and hoping to
meet up with Arthur and Guinevere.' )


Photo 12
(Clue :'Oh la la ...J'adore this city!')


Photo 13

(Clue : 'I'm a little imp on the quiet!' ;-)

Good luck everyone!

And Nich....have a great day... and evening!! ;-)



Linda Gilbert said...

Happy Birthday to Nich -- look like you have had lots of fun on your travels

Josie-Mary said...

Happy Birthday Nich - Do you want us to list all the places??.... Got Ottery, Exeter, Quay, Westminster, Amsterdam.... may have to go back for another look! :)

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Great post Sal and happy birthday to Nich ... will do my homework later and come back with some answers ;-)

Julie said...

happy birthday to Nic! I can't enter the giveaway because I don't know all the answers, but I did recognise Meadfoot and Ottery in there, and Nice after your little clue - I always remember my teachers saying the same thing. Hope he has a lovely day - he certainly does like to travel and does look/sound like such a lovely guy from the photos and things that you write, you must be (rightfully) very proud x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Happy Birthday Nich.. I am not as well travelled as yourself so will not attempt to embarrass myself by trying to do the quiz.
Hope you had a wonderful day.

Michele x

crafts@home said...

Happy Birthday Nich, here we go....
Ottery, Exeter, Quay, Westminster,Amsterdam, Meadfoot, Paris, Lincoln, Glastonbury, South Dakota, Rome, Newton Abbot, and a guess at South or Northampton?

crafts@home said...

How could I forget NICE

Menopausal musing said...

Belated birthday wishes to Birthday Boy! Geography was NEVER my strong point so I shall sit this one out. Nine pounds six? NINE POUNDS SIX!!???? I had a nine pounder and thought that was big.........

Anonymous said...

My son (now 32) was very sensible, and arrived almost 3 weeks early, weighing a sensible 6 pounds, five and a half ounces (musn't forget that half!!) and only about 19 inches long. He has made up for it since - he's now a strapping 6-footer!