Sunday, 4 July 2010

Shabby Bloke Style...a new look at the V&H Textile Fair!! ;-)

'I do believe that we are three very lucky blokes!

Not only do we get first dibs at all these vintage textile treasures, we also get to
sit and discuss with like minded blokes, the merits of buying vintage and how we just lurrrve it all in our homes'

'I mean, take Hen's stunning cushions!
It must be fabulous for Andy to be surrounded in these, day in, day out!
He is one very lucky, lucky man!'

'And as for yer Washer lady, Jack, she must be a delight to be with, as you get to so many fabulous fairs!
I am soooo jealous!'

'I dunno Ter, you must lead a pretty colourful life with Sal.
I hear she's working on those vintage fabric quilted patchwork Devon Pasty Covers, as we speak!!
Lucky boy!

'Actually, I got in quite a tizz earlier when I was faced with a dilemna!'
Which way to go?!'
I felt a right Dorothy as I stood with my finger in my mouth , deliberating !

'I chose right...
Scrummy or what?
Set me up well for my vintage textile hunting!'

'Do you know what?'


'I haven't enjoyed myself like this in ages!'

'Mustn't grumble!'

'Which reminds me...I have to go and help Michele and Jayne with some washing up soonish...

I have me 'Marigolds' with me!

Some new tea towels might help me complete the job with a smile!

I'll raid that Shabby Chick's stall! She always has a lot of very tasty bits and pieces!'

'I'd really like a new Eiderdown for our bed so I think I'll pay Donna Flower a little visit too.

I'm having a bit of a 'Paisley love fest' right now !'

'And she has some gorgeous dresses, not that I'm into dresses, lads but it's

always nice to see what's in fashion!'

(That's his excuse ;-)

'Lads, I have something to tell you...

My news is that I have decided to learn to crochet!'

' Way hay...Does Viv know?'

'Nah...not yet!!

I wasn't going to say anything but I think you two can keep a secret!

'I've seen the most stunning wool! Right here! I've not been this excited in ages!

And when I get really good at all this crafting lark, I'm going to try and make some dolls.

But they won't be anywhere nears as good as these, on Woobarb's stall!

'There are some incredibly talented people around, lads...just look at these from
Woo...I've discovered that she has a fab blog:

I am always up for a bit of blogging too, aren't you, lads?'

'Well, I'm very envious as my crochet talent is as rare as ...

Hen's Teeth!'

'And let's face it...your lovely woman, Viv, always likes to look her best for you!

My Sal does that too...have lippy will travel!!

'Why, thanks Ter!'

'Right, I have a couple of stalls to revisit now...

Tamsin's cushions caught my did...

Katies Textile Treasures.

There's nothing like a bit of treasure seeking, is there lads?'

Well that's it lads...times nearly up!

It's been super to catch up and have a...

...cosy chat!

Man to man, of course!

'Same time, similar place..


'Sounds like a plan, Ter!'


LOL! ;-)


I now have it on good authority that the discussion was in fact of a different nature...
Apparently, they were planning their great escape from the fair!!


Pennyblossoms said...

Tell you what...they'd miss us and all that vintage/crafty stuff if we said "Right we're off and taking all our 'stuff' with us"!!
The Fair looked wonderful; it must've been a fabulous day. Lucky you. Enjoy the rest of your W/E,
Z xx

Josie-Mary said...

hahaha...very funny!!! I hope OH know how lucky he is, not every man gets to eat his dinner between balls of wool & blocked granny squares!
It looks fantastic, wish I could've come :( Who is the header picture? Nice to see some new things :) x

The Little Vintage Company said...

Its lovely to know that the V&H fair brings together such a like-minded group of vintage lovers!! : )

Was lovely to meet you Sal, thanks for the beautiful fabrics, was so so kind of you!

Tamzin X

Woo Gilchrist said...

Oh That made me laugh so much!!!

BusyLizzie said...

Brilliant angle.. the male point of view.. hilarious!!!! Have a relaxing Sunday. xxx

VintageVicki said...

Love it :)

menopausalmusing said...

A wonderful "take" on the fair. My fabrics have been stroked and played with quite a bit since I got them home... :O) See you at the next one!

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Well now I know... I did wonder what the menfolk were disussing all day... Surely footie and tennis gets a bit boring after a while. Did you have a go at the knitting too.. you could've knitted a pint of beer while you were discussing the merits of linen vs lawn, or buttons vs bows.

Did appreciate the help in the kitchen.. thanks T!

Michele xx

galant said...

Garn! They blokes wuz discussin' footy and whether it would be noticed if they snook off for a pint ...

Margaret P

Country Cottage Chic said...

We do aim to have something for everyone!
I did notice that the Shabby Blokes Club grew considerably & retreated to the shade later - Mr Cottage was just dazzled by all the shared decorating ideas!


The fabric of my life said...

Sal you are sooo funny. It was a lovely day and those lads are indeed lucky ones ;-)

Guenievre said...

LOL, ton post m'a beaucou^p fait rire ;-))
Tes photos montrent de très jolies créations !
Bon week-end !

Anonymous said...

We were all sent to Camp Arnold
Deep behind enemy lines
There we sat in full view
Whispering what was on our minds

They regularly scanned the horizon for us
Photographic reconnaissance their game
Their throats were dry from yapping
But guess who got all the blame

We weren’t taken in by sweet smiles
As we spoke of why’s and how?
Off your lazy behinds
You, tea, NOW!

The Gestapo look quite ruthless
In their jack boots, leather and peaked caps
But when compared to our captors
They clearly were just pussy cats

Then we at once decided
To stop our fun and jolly jape
To conjure up our plan
Dare we? to carry out The Great Escape

Jack was first to fall
He wasn’t troubled by being blind
It was the girly eye patch
That made him lose his mind

Then brave Ter too was captured
Trying to board the bus
Caught wearing the wrong outfit
Which caused the enemy so much fuss

You see he wore the wrong fabrique
Sporting denim which didn’t do the trick
Instead of Der Shabbenzi Chic
So back once more to that awful nick

Mark then made a bold attempt
He sped off across the hills
But in the wire he landed,
When from his bike he spills

The cunning mutter in law had quilted the handlebar
Made from old undies and a slip
The brave lad never would get far
He could not get a firm and manly grip

Now back together one and all
They prayed that if there was a god
Then lined against a brick wall
The’d happily face a firing squad

But no!
The enemy were evil and sore
And despite the Geneva convention
They were bailed to return once more
In November, to that hallowed and famous location

To the town hall in Chipping Sodbury
The Vintage and Handmade Fair
Once more with papers of fakery

They’ll claim they’re just old sods.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Sal

Absolutely brilliant. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get there, but best laid plans, etc. I shall endeavour to get the full story from Washer Jack next time he comes to Dairy House!!!!

It all looked fabulous so I'm sure it was a brilliant day for everyone.

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

When we were at Woolfest last weekend, I got a bit excited when I saw Malcolm looking at the spinning wheels - silly me, he just thought perhaps he could make one (perhaps so that I don't spend £400 on one!!) Looks like you had a fabulous day - and I'm sure the boys enjoyed it really!!!

Carol said...

That was so funny Sal, thank you, and as far as the update information is concerned, I think I believe your version of the discussion.
Beautiful items for sale, hope all the buyers were out in force.

landcuckoo said...

Hee hee, thats brilliant Sal! Hope you had a great time at the fair, it all looks lovely.
Take care
Sarah x

hens teeth said...

Bob nearly dropped his finger knitting when he saw this post ;-)

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Sal

I missed a lovely event! Unfortunately Miss P's school fete fell on the same day. Miss P was really keen to go to it so I stepped down from visiting Chipping Sodbury.
Enjoyed your lovely photos and found the ones with husbands sitting there funny!
Take care
Isabelle x

Clare said...

So funny Sal..was laughing out loud as I read!!