Friday, 11 June 2010

'You know you can win...don't give up the chase!! '

I have the flags!
Got the wall chart!
Three lions are etched..
upon my heart...

I've painted my face!
(I look a sight!)
I'm gonna have a ball...

The greatest show on earth...
for me!
I'm too excited
to drink my tea!

My heart says England!
My head says Spain!
I know I'm going to suffer

I've waited for this
for nearly four years
Last time brought
so many tears!

South Africa...
I'm World Cup ready!
Come on lads!
Keep it steady!

I have a notion
I think I'm right
The world's in motion
ready to fight.

For every match
a front row seat
Bring on the footy!
Feel the heat!

he's the mascot see
He's 'attitude'
That's fine by me!

I have to admit
I've World Cup Fever
I hope we win!
I'm a believer!

And here's the prize!
The gleaming cup!
T'was Jules Rimet
who thought this up!

But if it's lost ...
and it has been known!
Nich's improvised ...
all on his own!
Two Dartington vases!
Make the prize!
Our own World Cup!
Before our eyes!


Have a wonderful World Cup!
and if you hate footy...well tough!! ;-) LOL

Here's your dates, times etc etc

And see you on July 11th for the final!



Linda Gilbert said...

Sal -- Andy would love to be married to you --- Me I have a massive ball of wool ready!!
Lots of love Linda

Hen said...

What a laugh, good one Sal. I'm quite looking forward to it, actually. Eagerly awaiting the postie here...
Hen x

KC'sCourt! said...

Sorry I'm not a sport fan I have to say, but Alex has informed me he may watch the England matches so I've plenty to do! This year I thought I would put my WORLD CUP WILLY jig-saw on ebay, I have three watchers so far! So that is my bit of sporty excitement!!!
Julie xxxx

Florence and Mary said...

I'm not a big sports fan but you have to watch the World Cup don't you!

I'm off to my brothers tomorrow to watch with him and his wife, should be fun.

Have a great weekend,

Victoria xx

Guenievre said...

Hello Sal !
I "see" your a great football supporter !
Sorry ................. I don't like football ..... Hope the best team will win ! Listening French journalists and people, French team hasn't a lot of chance to win. I'm not a specialist so ... no opinion. On dit que "l'espoir fait vivre"
En tous cas, amuse-toi bien pendant cette coupe du Monde, prend du bon temps à regarder les matchs !

Julie said...

not madly into football myself, but Mike and the kids are getting into it, so I'm sure we'll all be swept along in the excitement - it's the first time New Zealand have been in it, hence Mike's interest (and at least, that means there should be a team that do worse than England!)

twiggypeasticks said...

If you want me I'll be up at the allotment, for the next 4 weeks - have fun !
twiggy x

Jewels said...

Oh Sal how funny - you need to see what is posted on my blog on this very topic! Come on over. Jewels.....

Bobbie Lynn said...

Neat posting Sal. Hope you guys win.

Anonymous said...

Actually Julie it's the 2nd World Cup we have been in,NZ went to Spain 1982, who could forget that year. I'm with you Sal but supporting New Zealand, if we won a game the whole country would go crazy, but I'll be watching the rugby tonight, mighty All Blacks vs Ireland.

funkymonkey said...

Poor Rob Green...I think he needs a cuddle right now. We'll still get there...they just like to make it interesting for us. I think I might need tranquilising when we actually play a good team.