Thursday, 3 June 2010

At home with me!! ;-)

I'm quite excited! ;-)

My humble little abode is going to be open for business! ;-)

Here's something I've been thinking of doing for a while but what with one thing and another I've been too busy to organise it...until




If you can't quite see the poster,
click here to find
out more!

The dates :, Mon 14 June / Tues 15 June/ Weds 16 June and
Mon 21 June/Tues 22 June/ Weds 23 June

The time : 11am til 3pm

The place : My place!

All of my vintage and handmade items will be for sale in my little shabby area next to my teaching room...and might even spread into that very room (indeed you might get an English lesson too!! LOL)..I have no idea just how much room I will need ..yet!

I have lots and lots of lovely new arrivals in the vintage fabric dept!
Plus... a variety of handmade goodies with a vintage touch.
Plus... plenty of more modern fabrics for those lovers of those more up to date designs.
Or better still, for those who like to mix old and new, a lovely selection from which to choose and drool over .

And that's not all! tea, coffee, cake and a natter... my kitchen!

It's going to be a very 'low key' affair!
Everyone in blogland in Devon is welcome.

You can pop along if and when you like, at the times stated on the poster...that's if you're in

Devon of course! Or if you happen to be on your hols here, you are also very welcome!
Bring a friend too...(but no children, sorry... there are too many hazards around in my garden !)
Looking forward to seeing some of you!



Florence and Mary said...

How exciting! Now if only you could move a bit closer to me it would be perfect.

Victoria xx

KC'sCourt! said...

What a lovely idea....pity one of the dates isn't a weekend. Never mind weekends are precious I know.
Julie xxxxxx

Puppet Lady said...

Sounds exciting (and very brave)! I wish I lived closer - I would love to come and see what you have.

Bobbie Lynn said...

How exciting and your home is so lovely. Have fun.

Carol said...

I am sure that will be a lovely and successful event. Wish I lived nearer, just a bit too far to travel down from Yorkshire for the day!

Pooh's Abode said...

What a pity I don't live closer. If I did I'd definitely pop in

bellaboo said...

I hope it's a great success.I would love to be there but Devon is just a bit too far!Love your kitchen!

Bellaboo :0)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Sal - do wish I was near enough to pop in - that kitchen looks so inviting. Good luck with it all.

The Little Vintage Company said...

This sounds lovely!! Time to plan a day trip to Devon with mum I wonder??

Tamzin X

Country Cottage Chic said...

Great idea Sal....that kitchen of yours is gorgeous!!


Guenievre said...

What a good idea ! All what you make is so nice, I'm sure you'll welcome a lot of "visitors".
But too far for me :-))
I like very much your kitchen !
Plein de pensées positives pour ces ventes à domicile !

Cowboys and Custard said...

Have you thought of doing mail order for those that cannot make it to Devon?
Ha.. I am sure it will be a great success .. eat your heart out tupperware parties!!!


melanie said...

What a great idea, ohh, how I wish I lived in Devon! Your house is gorgeous by the way. :) xxx

ps, are you on flickr?

dosierosie said...

Good luck with your venture. I think it's a great idea.

sharie said...

If only I was closer.....

You've got a lovely home Sal, you must be very proud of it. Love your colourful kitchen.

(hey I've got a funny word verification -tights!-)

. said...

Fabulous pictures and fab kitchen too ! wish i lived nearer and i would come to your sale ... Kieren

LissyLou said...

how wonderful sal...wish i could come... a bit too far though xx