Friday, 23 April 2010

It's Friday....

There is the most lovely painting in Fat Lemons Cafe !
I 'climb into' this painting whenever we pop into the cafe, for coffee.
Isn't it gorgeous?!
I think I am one of the luckiest gals in blogland!
To live a stone's throw from Totnes...and a little bit of this...
and that.
'This'n That' was exceedingly busy today and so I couldn't take many photos.
But if you visit her blog,
Lesley has some of the Eileen Soper /Enid Blyton
posters for sale at a reduced price !

I never get fed up with Totnes and would go there everyday, if I could!

However, Friday is the best day...for obvious reasons!

Amanda's stall looked as fresh and as charming as always.

So pleasing to the eye!

And of course she'll be at the Vintage and Handmade Fair on May 1st.

Of course, Totnes does have so many other unique shops and unique people so you won't be disappointed if you visit the town.
And Mr S told me that there are free nose piercings with every haircut, in the Gents' what more could a man want ?!!

Yep, that's Totnes for you!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely things. Have a great weekend ... :0)

Shirl x

twiggypeasticks said...

What a pretty post Sal, Totnes looks very lovely.
twiggy x

Grace and Favour Home said...

Looooooove Totnes! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos - as a result, I'm going to take my mum down tomorrow as a birthday treat to myself!!

galant said...

Whilst you were at Totty-ness (as my late Ma used to call it) market, I was having root canal work done on me teef!
But ... did you buy anything? Or is that for a forthcoming post?
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

Definitely somewhere to put on the 'to-visit' list!!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi, I have left an award for you on my blog. SueXX

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

My favourite place to be on a Friday aswell.

Pooh's Abode said...

I have never been there but it looks a super place
Have a great weekend

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi Sal, Lovely to see you and Mr Snippets today. Once again thanks for your pics of This'n'That (yes, it did get very busy at one point and folk were getting 'stuck' in the pointy end of my funny shaped shop!).
Also, thanks for telling bloggers what a great place Totnes is to visit:)
Lesley X

Anonymous said...

BLESS YOU SAL! need to know that no monies exchange hands in the makings of these lovely 'Totnes' posts! Sal is not working to any commission...she is a very special lady who has an enormous heart and I feel very lucky and honoured that she in my number one fan!
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Lace hearts said...

Lovely photos - I love Totnes, have visited the Friday market, and This n that and everywhere else... it's a fabulous place. Have to agree with you.

winnibriggs said...

What a great place. Your piccies are wonderful, just wanted to put my hands in and rummage about. So much lovliness.

Kelly said...

You are very lucky!!! Looking forward to next weekend!!!

Josie-Mary said...

Looks lovely as always, can't believe the V&H fair is only a week away!!! Where as the time gone? See you next week :)

Linda Gilbert said...

We could always have a Friday morning coffee in Totnes
Love Linda

Country Cottage Chic said...

I'm defintely going to Totnes on the Friday when we have our little jaunt to Devon in July!


Andi's English Attic said...

I spy Laura Ashley sweet pea fabric which decorated my bedroom in the old house. I had the wallpaper too.
I love the white printer's drawer. I have a spare one in the attic. I wonder...xx

KC'sCourt! said...

I love Totnes and used to visit regularly for about fifteen years between 1986 to 2000 and this May I plan to get there come what may on a Friday!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

LissyLou said...

I never get bored of your Totnes posts!! And i think i've persuaded my hubbie to that long weekend away there at the end of the year..yay!!!

Pixiedust said...

Totnes looks great. I'd love to pay a visit to see all that lovely shabby chic and vintageness. xxx

anne bebbington said...

Couldn't you just 'eat' that candy striped bedding - directly from a nostalgic childhood all the way into a quilt

Cowboys and Custard said...

Totnes has something to offer everyone.. and I always enjoy our visits there..especially on a Friday when Amanda is there.. Popping in to This n That is such a treat too.
Must try and plan a visit soon.. long overdue!

Michele x