Wednesday, 24 February 2010

You're having a laugh!

This morning, Amanda and I went for a tramp in Bovey Tracey
(The tramp didn't like it but we greatly enjoyed it!
LOL, the oldies are the best ;-)
First of all we 'did' the charity shops. All four of them.
Having achieved nil success and walking back down the hill with absolutely NO treasures at all,
we decided to go a bit 'up market'!

We took ourselves in to 'The Devon Guild of Craftsmen'
where there was an exhibition called,

I wasn't sure whether photos were allowed and so, sneakily, it was out with the iphone!

There was a lovely display of paper birds on the wall...
But at three for £600 (GULP!) ,we decided against purchasing....or even sharing a purchase and each having one and a half birds! )

There was an excellent display of paper garden tools, each decorated in
a unique way.

There were all sorts of other displays, clever and stunning...with equally stunning price tags!

It's worth a visit if you are in the area.
To be fair, my photos don't do justice to the exhibits.
I think that exhibitions like this certainly inspire one!

But...I also think that exhibitions like this, give one a jolly good laugh...IMHO the prices are ridiculous!
And so, the highlight of the morning, for me...was the coffee and natter! Priceless!
Of course, Amanda might say otherwise...and I am left wondering if she is now at home, sitting on her floor...creating with paper!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...naa...I've just 'read' the paper sitting on the floor as one does, but that is as far as I've got so far! My 'paperwork' is usually of a very tiresome nature...necessary but tedious!
Thanks for a lovely and refreshing much do think I could get for a paper aeroplane?
LOL Amanda xxx (SC)

Menopausal musing said...

"Going for a tramp" made me roar with laughter.........

That looked to be a stunning exhibition, but my goodness, those were steep prices......

Hen said...

I love all the pictures used to decorate the garden ornaments, I expect they had scary price tags too! Thanks for sharing the photos, shame the charity shops were disappointing.
Hen x

Simone said...

I do enjoy my papercrafting but the level of craftsmanship really raises the bar!!! I would love to be so skilled.

Ellouise88 said...

Love the owls in the tree. Not sure about the paper garden implements though. My husband calls this type of art (sorry rude word!) 'painted shit shovel syndrome'!

I usually go for a tramp in the woods!!!! Perhaps you get a better class of tramp in Bovey Tracey!

Linda Gilbert said...

One of my favourite places to. Of course I am far too well mannered to go for a tramp there though!!!
Also love the quilting shop and Spin a Yarn !!

frayedattheedge said...

Like the tramp joke!! The paper things are amazing, but I somehow don't think I would buy any of them - I think I would want something more substantial for that amount of money!!

galant said...

Ooh, I'd not heard the tramp funny, made me laugh! And we need laughs more than things like the birdies with the £600 price tags! That's a priceless joke!
Margaret P

BusyLizzie said...

interesting stuff Sal.... better get the scissors out.. smile! xx

Kathy said...

I often wonder if anyone actually buys any of this stuff when the prices are so high ... I don't think the garden implements are very practical either!!!!
Lovely to look though.
Love Kathy xxx

Josie-Mary said...

ooohhhh lovely things Sal, I like the paper covered tools & the picture with the deer. Go on get your paper out.... you know you want to!! :) x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely to look out but out of reach of most pockets...perhaps we could afford a feather if not a whole bird?


Kelly said...

Lovely stuff! I'm sure they take ages to make but sometimes the prices of things makes you wonder if they want to sell them!
Still it's nice to have a look and be inspired! Lovely pictures!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Have to say it appeals to me all.. except the price tags!
It is so refreshing to see something original.. and innovative.
Agree with the old ones are the best.. hope that goes in my favour!!!!


MarmaladeRose said...

Very interesting but I think I much prefer your applique houses. lol.

our shabby cottage said...

It's just incredible what some people can do with paper.

A Time to Dance said...

They are wonderful Sal, just amazing I would love to have seen them...but as you say too pricy and think of the dusting!

Juanita Tortilla said...

Well I am impressed by the photo quality of pictures taken by the iphone!
Those paper crafts are inspiring. I'm not too sure if paper-crafting is my forte though... but I haven't quite given paper crafting much of a chance, heh!

louise said...

I suppose they charge per hour! The works are very intricate, and must take hours of concentration. I do wonder how they ever make any money though. They must have day jobs! x

Country Style Living said...

I love the garden tools! Thanks for the pictures. These places are just for looking and not really buying aren't they.

Karen said...

Wow lots of gorgeous exhibits there, love the dimension of them all. Such fine detail, obviously many hours of hard work put into them!!!

Would love to live nearer to have a visit!!

Guenievre said...

A quite original exhibition ! and quite "extraordinary original" prices too ... lol.
I like those with butterflies, birds ans owls in the tree.
Few days ago I watched (on a French blog ) butterflies made with the Origami technique (Decopatch paper) and sticked in a frame, it was lovely.
I think we can make them ourselves, it will be less expensive :-;
Have a nice day !

Carol said...

Yep the prices are mad sometimes. But those garden tools are brilliant, wouldn't they look good in a lovely conservatory or garden room, somewhere! but not in my garage/storeroom it looks more like a junk shop.
Some of the exhibits are very clever, the detail wonderful.

Caroline said...

Hi Sal - oh, I do love a wander around Bovey. But the charity shops over there seem to have really put their prices up lately - £4 for a Primark top that probably only cost £5 new? I don't think so!! Do love the owls as well, though I know what you mean about the prices for art there as well, I often wonder how much they actually sell.

Julie said...

Your tramp joke did make me chuckle! Looks like some gorgeous things there, but ohmygod at the prices!! Loved the butterflies though, they were very special. I wonder if they do actually make any sales ?

About the Bumble Bee said...

Hi Sal,

There are some very talented and creative people out there! Thanks for taking me on tour with you. All of the artwork is very inspirational – it makes me want to rush out and decoupage my shovel :)


marble rose said...

Hmmm -

I'd be very interested to know who does the spades.......check this out.....


clare's craftroom said...

So glad you were sneaky with your phone , fantastic papery stuff ! Hope the tramp is ok !

Bobbie Lynn said...

How amazing. What a treat to see. Thanks for getting those photos for us.