Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Giving, receiving... and a jolly jaunt to Exeter!

Once upon a time there was a lovely large picture which lay in a shop called Otto Retro (in Exeter).
A young man took a liking to this picture whilst he was in the shop with his best mate... but he did not buy it.
When he got home he regretted not buying it (how many times have you done something like this?!)
And so... he told his mum and his mum rang the shop but they said they could not find it anywhere and so ....his mum went all the way from Torquay to the shop in Exeter, to look for it, in the hope that....but...
Sadly it was not there (...or so she thought!! )
Unbeknown to both of them, the young man's best mate had caught the train to Exeter and found the picture (just before the best mate's mum had arrived!), bought it, and whilst they wrapped it, he asked them to keep it behind the desk, whilst he did his Christmas shopping .
He then returned to Ottos and carried it all the way back to the station, to give it a train ride to Newton Abbot, where it then stood in a certain Snippets craft room for a week or so! LOL!

I am not sure who had the most pleasure...the giver or the receiver !
But there were BIG smiles all round, when a certain young man named Tris arrived at our house yesterday and was given his Christmas gift, I can tell you!
Meanwhile... the ice was not as bad today and, amazingly, ...we managed to get to Exeter !

We trekked down Fore Street to Otto, where Sarah let me snap a few photos!

Its an amazing shop with quite a turnover of things and I found an old Cadburys chocolate box, with a photo of some horses on it...being inquisitive I looked inside...glad I looked!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow everyone!

I am off to do some baking and listen to the Carols!


Slip sliding around!

After a very hairy, scary start to the day, I think I can say that I am just about there as far as Christmas is concerned!

I drove down to Torquay at 6.30 am and did the remaining 'food shop' in quite pleasurable surroundings at M&S, The Willows ......but wowee...coming home was the most awful experience on the roads and I slithered and slid on the road to our village , trying to remember what I have been told to do in such conditions!
Thankfully, I arrived home, shaken but in one piece.
We may not have snow but we have ice rinks; there have been so many accidents here and my goodness, it is lethal out there!

Do take care everyone and I wish you all a...



Monday, 21 December 2009

The Winter Solstice...some fun..and a day alone!

Well it's the shortest day today... and here we are in a cold Devon...but with no snow!
Apparently, the Winter Solstice happens at 17.47 today, when the North Pole is 23.5 degrees away from the sun.
We don't get much snow in South Devon....but here's a fave photo of my two nephews (and their friend) in their garden in Devon. I would guess in about the year 1986!
This pic has always made me laugh!

If you have any idea about what they might be saying to each other comment!

Meanwhile I got out this, earlier..

It's the only thing which I possess from Fortnum and Mason and I love it!

Oh for one of those hampers!

All the men of the house are away for the day and so I am left to do my own thing..

A little bit of this...

And then tonight, a certain someone will be in my study to hand out small gifts to my pupils!

What a lovely day!