Saturday, 19 December 2009

Saturday Snippets

This has to be one of my favourite books, to read to the children at this time of the year.
'The Story of Holly and Ivy' by Rumer Godden.
It's a story about wishing!

Ivy is a little orphan who has no-one to be with at Christmas... and so she wishes very very hard.
Holly is the doll left alone in the toyshop window on Christmas Eve...she wishes very very hard too!

And you can probably guess the rest!

Talking of Holly and Ivy...

At Totnes market, earlier today, they were selling very large bunches of Christmas greenery!
I'd noticed many bunches wending their way down the hill as I was walking up it!

I just love the reds and greens at Christmas...and indeed all through the year in my kitchen!
I also found a set of Britvic glasses in 'This 'n That' and I plumped for the red and green one!

I left the shop... and then promptly went back in when I saw this book in the window.
Recently, when I was looking for my 'Ladybird book of our Christmas Customs', I discovered it was missing from my bookshelf!
But not any more!

Hope you've all had a fun Saturday...snow or no snow!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Don't eat your friends! LOL ;-)

Phew...what an evening!
It seemed ten times busier than last year as we struggled up the hill, at snail's pace!
A million other people had descended upon Totnes (I am not seemed like that!), no doubt all in search of...

At least I managed to find Amanda .

Back in 'The Narrows' we found...
This was the Wacky band that had brought smiles to our faces last year...
Bert Miller and the Animal Folk
With a nutty singer and even more nutty lyrics we were treated to such songs as...
'Don't eat your friends'!!

There really is nothing like live, street music!
This was the best bit of the evening as far as I was concerned!
And then it was back down the famous hill...and the worst hour's wait for a train!
Thank goodness for the iphone, modern technology and a 4-0 away win for the mighty Torquay United, to keep my spirits up!
Look what came home with me on that train...

And that was it ...until next year!
Totnes, I do so love you... but last night was extremely hard work!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Gadding about some more!!

Ashburton...a thriving little town, which is a bit like a mini Totnes.
We love it!
It's a ten minute drive from us ; we really are lucky!
Come with me.
Firstly, through this door into Sara's Lavender Box.

This is what happens when we get there...I do the mooching and the camera work!

The other one of us does the 'entertaining'!

Sara and her mum (I think they are being shown how a pint of beer is lifted!).

The shop is glorious...

Some hours later ..(!) we reluctantly leave!
(Or should that read 'I')
And cross over the road...

The Snug!
How I adore this little shop!

A lovely welcome from Ros, as always... I browse...
Delicious things are on the menu!
And then I spot three, little men... from Ros's own collection ....which I bring home.

I've been looking for some of these little, vintage, pipe cleaner figures for a while!

Just as I thought that the day could get no better...

In walks Nich...
He's holding this box!
For me! ;-)
Thank you so much!

And now I am whizzing off to Topsham to see Joe and her craft stall!
(But she does not know it..I am going to surpise her!)
Back soon with more festive fun and frolics from Ashburton , Totnes... and now Topsham!!
Have fun!