Friday, 30 October 2009

You just can't beat....

...a little bit of vintage in the craft room!
I was inspired by this piece of sheet music!

And so, surrounding myself with fab vintage bits and pieces which I found recently, I beavered away earlier this morning.

These little magazines offer so much!

Don't you just love it ?!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone !

Monday, 26 October 2009

Travellers from the north!

They came from the north in their lovely orange van!

Yes, it's the 'Cocoa and blankets' family...

Helen, Pete and Polly.

Stopping off at a campsite almost next door to us, they were able to spend an evening with us and then we waved them off the next day as they continued on their journey to Cornwall.

They came bearing gifts... ;-)

I can't wait to get crafting...loads of ideas here!

And now they are at Portscatho...lucky devils!
It was so lovely to meet them...proving once again that bloggers really are the nicest people!