Friday, 22 May 2009

Pink reigns!

Lewisia and Hydrangea are the beauties in my garden today, don't you think?

I'm taking a blogging break for a bit..hope you all have a great weekend...and I look forward to saying hello to some of you at the V&H Fair next Saturday, 30th May.

Have fun and keep smiling ;-)


Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Treats in Ashburton ;-)

This morning was a bit of a treat!
Amanda (Shabby Chick Totnes... Gorgeous stall!) and I whizzed to Ashburton!
Most of our time was spent having a long natter in Cafe Green Ginger
The other 1% of the time was spent drooling in just the one shop!
Sara's Lavender Box
And Sara and her mum were happy for me to take photos to show you all.
They are so friendly and helpful.
'Blog away', said Sara!

It's a shop to die for and I could easily have spent a whole day browsing, taking in the delights of the surroundings.

Everything is beautifully displayed.

You need to walk around this shop quite a few times to take it all in!

It's exactly my type of shop! I love it.

So much prettiness under one roof.

I love the old fashioned shop counters...

I love the vintage treasures on offer here.

Please drool with me!

I came home with...some lovely vintage fabric bits...;-)
...a lovely FQ of fabric.
....a lovely little Lavender bag...

...and this gorgeous little wash bag...

I also came home with...the urge to go again as soon as I can!


Here's the link to their website:

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

.....with my little eye!

Oh how I loved these books!
To jump over the fence and into the woods, armed with either 'I spy Trees', 'I spy Birds' or 'I spy Wild Flowers' etc etc...was such fun!

My Grandma used to walk me all around the Devon lanes, at a place called Kingskerswell.
She taught me many names of wild flowers the days when you saw a lot more variety in the hedgerow!

I remember having the I spy badge and joining the I spy tribe...and looking up to 'Big Chief I Spy'!

My books were in the 'News Chronicle' series.

Yes, I loved these books!
And so... I have decided to collect them once more.
Every child should have them, don't you think ?!
Finally,I have discovered this fab little site:
and here is the I Spy link:

Monday, 18 May 2009

Torquay United's day!

As you can see, Sundays are my busy day and so I just made it to the coach, by the skin of my teeth! LOL
What a day!
And a very long day at that!
Setting off at 8am ; arriving home at 11.30 pm.
That's over 15 hours ...for only 90 mins of football!
Who'd be mad enough?!!! ;-)
Moi! And Moi's son!
Mr Snippets sensibly stayed at home... the 'yellow army' hit road.

We got there with two hours to spare!

I must admit, that being a lover of things old, this brought a tear to my eyes as I remembered the old Wembley and its towers.

The new Wembley is one monstrous beast!

A larger than life Bobby Moore stands in his rightful and proper place.

One wonders what he would have thought of the new surroundings.

No photos can do it justice..I walked in... and was gobsmacked.

He's smiling now..but would he still be smiling at the end of the match?

And so the scene was set.

The players lined up.

And we sat down to enjoy.
Cambridge played well and they must be quite sick of the sight of Devon teams. They also lost last year, to Exeter City.

But we played well too and it is as I always say...'balls in the net that count.'
We scored two brilliant goals... even Alan Shearer would have been proud to score them!;-)
The players received the trophy from Martin O'Neil...the manager of Aston Villa.
We laughed and said that's the only way he would get his hands on a trophy this season!
( And I thought of blogger Kitty!)
And then we laughed again as we joked that Torquay now need a trophy cabinet!

After two years of Blue Square Premier League football, it's back into the football league for Torquay United!

Tears of joy followed.
I would not have missed this day for anything!
It was a day about determination, character, fortitude,unity and passion...all the things which I admire and love!
And the 'ups and downs' of a football supporter of a little club from South Devon , continue!!