Saturday, 16 May 2009

Saturday Snippets and Sunday Fun!! ;-)

This is the lane where I live.
It's looking particularly lovely at the moment.

Each time I drive into the lane, I keep reminding myself to take a photo .

So, today, I prised myself away from my bathroom ...and walked to the end of the lane.

This Polygonum, by the roadside, is really pretty.

There really is nothing like Country Living!

Ah , now what's that behind my mag...??

Ah my mirror... the other day... it was painted F&B Cinder Rose... and lived upstairs!!

It's now F&B Lulworth Blue and lives in the bathroom..for the moment !!;-)

I'd already put the floral transfers on it, last year.

They are not is just my photography!
The transfers came from here:

The mirror picks out the blue in the curtains really does..

My charity shop 'find' yesterday, in Newton Abbot.

This little trinket dish came from Amanda's stall, last year.

And this hand painted dish is from an antique fair at Newton Abbot, long ago.
The back stamp says Plant Tuscan China.

And my pretty piece of old Wedgwood....

Yes..I do have a home for my loo rolls!
This cupboard is nice and deep too.

It's an early night for me tonight as I'm off on a 'jolly' early in the morning....much further than the end of my lane! ;-)

South Devon hits Wembley!

Win or lose, I'm determined to have a really good time!!


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I saw something nasty in the woodshed....splish splash!

Well...not any more you didn't, Aunt Ada !! ;-)
Apart from a few finishing touches (painting the door frame, adding a few new towels etc) our new bathroom is just about complete!

Normally a decisive person, I must have gone through the paint charts and fabrics so many times, dithering... and driving Mr Snippets crazy in the process!
A big thanks to him ! ;-)

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would choose yellow is my least fave colour!
However, Farrow and Ball 'Hound Lemon' and 'Pale Hound' are not exactly your normal 'run of the mill' yellows..and I am pleasantly surprised at the result.
In fact... I am 'chuffed to little mint balls' !

And so here follows a few photos of prettiness...
but not before I say a huge thanks to Pete Wills, the craftsman to whom we are so grateful .. he gave us such class workmanship, thoughtfulness and care throughout... and a lot of laughs!
(and he patiently put up with me for three weeks!)

This needs saying, as no doubt everyone will look at the bathroom and swoon at the fripperies til the cows come home...but underneath all of that is the real work, the toil and the expertise.
Pete, you are a star!

I could not decide on fabric for the curtains..I'm a fabricaholic and initially purchased some Philip Jacobs Delphinium fabric..but it just didn't work with the paint colour.

Looking through my own stash, I came across the perfect match!

I knew then that I could pick out any of these colours...and so having discarded all the pink things from the previous bathroom....I got them all out again!!!LOL

These Zinnias,which were a present from my dear OH, a few years impulse buy in Topsham, I recall.

The towel ladder from Liz at Pretty Practicals.

This girl has been in every bathroom that I have ever owned, I think!

I wanted a mix of old and new..and here is one that I didn't cut up!
And then...

The bath mat saga!

As you can see, I have ended up with two bath mats.... the story being that the first one arrived ( from John Lewis ) damaged on the underside!
They told me to 'bin it' .....''BIN IT?' I mended it! ;-)

A touch or two of CK in the corner!

Naturally, magazines are a 'must' in the bathroom!

I've had this lovely magazine rack for years.
Dallas Simpson is the artist famous for many of those 'wide eyed' children pics.

Little flashes of colour!

And finally...this gap above the sink is waiting for a yet to be any ideas would be greatly appreciated ! I'm open minded... but again I am dithering!

And just in case you didn't see it as it once was...

I do think that from now on, I'll enjoy my bath times, don't you?
Splish splash! ;-)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Pretty things

I do so love pretty things!
How apt is this piece of vintage embroidery for the month of May?
I won this tablecloth on ebay and I think it is charming.
Talking of pretty things, I never thought this would happen !
Remember my one pair of Laura Ashley curtains which I bought from Amanda a couple of years ago...(and then I made them into two pairs for my bedroom)?
Well, I've been looking for ages for another pair for my hall and landing...and had almost given up hope.

Well... there we are in Ashburton looking for a bathroom cupboard and mirror,when..there they were, hanging up high in Sara's Lavender box. One pair, quite wide too!! (Snip snip!)
So yesterday, I altered them ..into two pairs..job done!
I also finished these bags before spending the rest of the day in the bathroom...painting..painting..and painting....three times around the tongue and groove boarding. How I ache today!
All will be revealed later in the week but it is just about finished ..apart from the woman's touch of a few fripperies here and there,naturally!
After that I slumped into a chair and was only really fit enough to pick up this lovely mag..
and read about how people transform their homes on a BUDGET!
The trouble is that their budget and mine don't usually agree!!

But it's a lovely mag with oodles of inspiration

Hope you all have a merry Monday!

(And I won't be taking the scissors to this, I can well assure you!)