Saturday, 16 May 2009

Saturday Snippets and Sunday Fun!! ;-)

This is the lane where I live.
It's looking particularly lovely at the moment.

Each time I drive into the lane, I keep reminding myself to take a photo .

So, today, I prised myself away from my bathroom ...and walked to the end of the lane.

This Polygonum, by the roadside, is really pretty.

There really is nothing like Country Living!

Ah , now what's that behind my mag...??

Ah my mirror... the other day... it was painted F&B Cinder Rose... and lived upstairs!!

It's now F&B Lulworth Blue and lives in the bathroom..for the moment !!;-)

I'd already put the floral transfers on it, last year.

They are not is just my photography!
The transfers came from here:

The mirror picks out the blue in the curtains really does..

My charity shop 'find' yesterday, in Newton Abbot.

This little trinket dish came from Amanda's stall, last year.

And this hand painted dish is from an antique fair at Newton Abbot, long ago.
The back stamp says Plant Tuscan China.

And my pretty piece of old Wedgwood....

Yes..I do have a home for my loo rolls!
This cupboard is nice and deep too.

It's an early night for me tonight as I'm off on a 'jolly' early in the morning....much further than the end of my lane! ;-)

South Devon hits Wembley!

Win or lose, I'm determined to have a really good time!!



tracey said...

great choice of mirror sal. hope you have a great time at wembely

maria said...

Wow your lane looks gorgeous. What a fabulous place to live.
Your bathroom looks so pretty. We re-furbished ours last year but it really needs some more colour, it's rather beige! I went for a modern look but I think it needs jazzing up a bit.

Shabby Chick said...

It's looking lovely in the bathroom, I like all the little touches. Your lane is sooo pretty too, I don't think you'd like living on a road like mine!

Mel xxx

galant said...

Your bathroom is sooooo pretty, and I love the Wedgwood dish but please ... do find something to put the spare loo rolls in (a willow basket, perhaps? Or a 1950s painted waste paper 'basket'?)
Love the blue-painted mirror. In the 1950s (the genuine ones, not the current retro ones!) I was allowed to choose my own bedroom wallpaper and paint. After much humming and hawing I had a wallpapered ceiling (which was papered down to the picture rail) which was mid-green with leaves all over it and a basket weave paper on the walls. But the woodwork was pale blue and on the back of the door I put some transfers of roses not unlike those flowers on your mirror! I was already into decor, even at that age!
Margaret P

Alchamillamolly said...

Wow love the bathroom I could see the original Italiante Spa affair wasn't you!

Questions - where did you find the flower transfers? When I first saw my bathroom which isn't huge but the biggest I have ever had! I thought T&G up to dado height then painted in say eau de nil or duck egg with the pale shade of either on the top and I wanted a travel theme with a shelf about 14inches from the ceiling with my old globe, cameras, binoculars, map pix, boat, shells etc and then some railway posters (which I have on the walls) Then now I have it half finished I am wondering whether to go OTT and have something lke LA Summer Palace on the walls! in the duck egg or beige colourway? I am agonising over it. I bet our Mam's never had this problem! they just whacked anthing on we had towelling curtains wiht penguins on them in the 60's.

marble rose said...

All of it - beautiful!!!!! Have a great time tomorrow!!!


Florence and Mary said...

Your lane looks like it's stepped out of the pages of Country Living!

Victoria xx

Josie-Mary said...

The lane is very pretty. Have a great time :)

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Sal

How beautiful! That is what I love about Devon, it is so green and pretty. Ideally, I would like to live there, somewhere around Totnes. I love living in the countryside and would find it hard living in a town again. I love the fact that you can go out for a fume free walk, hear the birds singing, say hello to the horse riders going by and not have to drive anywhere to experience that. Enjoy your day out!
Isabelle x

Vanessa said...

Your bathroom looks great I love the towel ladder, what a great idea!

Good luck at Wembley!

Vanessa x

Menopausal musing said...

Love that Wedgewood dish! Fingers crossed for Wembley. x

sue15cat said...

Love your lane, it must be lovely arriving home each time you go out and about. Bathroom looks brilliant too by the way.

Sue xx

Floss said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty - indoors and out! I love the Devon lanes...

Rosie said...

Oh, how I wish I had a lane like yours outside my house - it looks so pretty. Love the colour of your mirror:)

Linda O said...

Hi Sal,
I love your bathroom, its so colourful,and your lane is pretty too, so lush and green!!
Bet you had a brilliant day today, well done the Gulls!!!
Love Linda O

ginny said...

you won! hurrah!

Wild Rose said...

What a pretty lane! Do I see June's issue of Country Living? I'm still waiting to get May's copy ~ off to tne newsagents this morning to see if it has arrived.

Congratulations on Torquay's big win!

Marie x

twiggypeasticks said...

Your lane looks lovely Sal
twiggy x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sal,
Your beautiful bathroom now looks complete! What a great job you have done - enjoy your relaxing retreat! (After many more country walks!)
BTW, LOVE your pretty flowery china!

cocoa and blankets said...

hey hang on where is the picture of you in the bath??? what a disappointment.....

Guenievre (France) said...

"Country living" is a nice decoration magazine. I buy it every month, I can find it in my town ! Nice !