Friday, 24 April 2009

What a puzzle!! ;-)

Well Ms've let me down...BIG TIME!!

And twice!

First of all, with the news that we all did not want to hear, that's if we live within striking distance of Exeter...or even in the city, like some ..take Joe (Josie Mary blog) for instance..she'll be gutted! She might even have to ring in sick!

Yes, you've guessed it!

No CK for Exeter ;-)

Instead, another flamin' restaurant for Exeter Princesshay (as if it has not got enough eating places already!)

An Italian one, no less.

To be honest, I don't know how 'some of us' will get over the disappointment, seeing as 'some of us' were walking around to the old Orange Tree premises every Saturday, looking for any news of a forthcoming CK shop. ;-)

Grrr...(quick cyber tantrum...join me if you so wish)

I got the news direct from 'my man in the know' in Exeter, whilst I was battling with my weekly food shop. I dropped my eggs and cried on the spot ;-)

He also reminded me that I had placed a small bet with him and so therefore owed him some money...just to rub salt into my very large and wounded heart.

Dear've missed a trick and Exeter will welcome you with open arms WHEN you do decide to hit...

Just don't leave it too long please. I know you'll get here one day!
And now here comes my second little grumble with you!

(Oh my CK, you are not having a good day, are you?)

See this is page 53 of your new CK catalogue. (Everyone rush to get it)

Digital wallpapers.
Focus on the map.

This is where CK has missed a trick!

This was my fave jigsaw when I was young.

I had a fascination with England and the counties within it.
I personally think that everyone should have a jigsaw like this when they are young. I am always horrified at how little people know about their own on University Challenge, when students are asked in which counties certain places are situated.
Anyway,I digress..
Mine is the true vintage I loved this jigsaw!
It cost 12 shillings and 9d!
Made in England (not Taiwan;-)

The real England...before reorganisation in 1974.

Some of you will not even remember that... but I do!

In 1974, boundaries altered..and some counties even ceased to exist!!

See this..

Now spot the difference...

Avon suddenly became!
See this...
Rutland was no more!
I mean how awful to lose your county!

And guess what...CK has used the version from after reorganisation and that's why I think she really missed a trick ..BIG TIME!

Should I tell her? Would you?

Should I offer her my jigsaw to photograph?


One thing's for sure...

They never messed with Devon when they reorganised!! ;-)

I mean, they could not mess with Devon... and also Cornwall for that matter, for Cornwall is vital stops Devon from eroding on its west coast...LOL! ;-)

And with that..I have a jigsaw to make and a letter to write to CK!

Have a lovely weekend everyone ;-)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My little piece of England

Yes! Welcome to my garden!

I almost live in the woods!

Here's the view from my greenhouse at 9am this morning:

I walked around with my camera... but sadly that can't transmit the bird song, which was most beautiful today.

I have a couple of old Butler's sinks,which are looking good right now.

Am I imagining this or are Cowslips so lovely this year?
Mine seem to be thriving...

Having said that, everything seems to be thriving this year, doesn't it? And the blossoms are beautiful...stunning in fact!
(My header pic is at Rosemoor...not my garden!)

At the bottom of the garden,I've planted up my old banana box...

and my dad's old metal trunk ...

You might just be able to spot them if you look hard enough!

One of my fave places for sitting and contemplating.

And looking back at my little piece of England.

Sweet peas..a dwarf variety in my old wooden barrow...

The Virginia Creeper is starting to give the shed its new coat...

Babies already?

You just can't beat it.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Splish Splash! (I saw something nasty in the woodshed!)

Emotional scenes took place here, yesterday, as we said goodbye to an old friend.
She, who has spent the past eight years breathing down our necks, every time we have taken a
bath...and probably seen far more than she ought!! Ha ha!! LOL!
I nicknamed her 'Athena'.

Now you might possibly think that this bathroom is ok..and I suppose it was 'passable'.
Indeed, when we viewed the property, the Estate Agent's details did state...'A luxurious bathroom'.

At a distance it did look just that...but just not our taste!

And so on Monday, it was goodbye to her..and to this less than delightful scene.

And here we bathroom renovation underway!
OMG what have we done!

Upon ripping all of this out, our wonderful builder discovered a small pot, behind the vanity unit.

Opening it, we discovered a 19p stamp, a new penny and a note, which read:

'This bathroom conversion (from the coal and woodshed) was constructed in May 1990 for Mr and Mrs E.F. Saunders.'

(Of course, Dear Mr Snippets, ever the clown, wanted to put his own note in the pot stating:

This bathroom conversion, constructed in 1990,was so **** that we ripped it out!)

LOL..Nuff said!

Now this is where the real fun begins and I know that it's going to look wonderful when it is finished! Which won't be long!

So what exactly are we doing?

Well, you'll just have to wait and see but it does involve tongue and groove, Farrow and Ball and some fabulous fabric called Delphiniums by Philip Jacobs, for my curtains...although maybe not in the colour that you think!!

All will be revealed!


Meanwhile...Happy Bathtimes..and just watch out who is breathing down your neck! ;-)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Set up!

It's always fun to collect sets of things, isn't it?
For starters...a set of two, vintage, glass tumblers, which I have had for some years.
I love these!
Fabulous.. and a must for any book lover.
Those illustrations, by C.F.Tunnicliffe, are to die for!
My favourite Ladybird books EVER!
Stork Cookery brought out some wonderful books.
And these are no exception.
Who can resist 'Sweet Pea' by Emma Bridgewater?
These should be in every child's bookshelf!
And adults, for that matter!
Need to escape..?
Look no further than these!
I wanted so much to be that teacher in that little village school!
Gardening joy!
I am lucky to have the full set of these..why don't they publish little books like this nowadays?

The covers make my heart miss a beat!

Anyone for the Twist? Remember that... anyone?

More Bridgewater delights!
A 'Pinks' trio.

I found these in Dorchester some years ago..never used...too nice for that!
'For display purposes only''! ;-)

Not a full set but these are my faves in the kitchen!

Hurrah for Enid Blyton school stories !
Frowned upon by so many in education...what a load of tosh!
Go Enid, is what I say!! ;-)
More Ladybird!
And pride and joy and the books which set me on my literary journey!
Vintage Janet and John!
I have the full set...took me ages to collect them too!
Do you have a favourite set of anything? I'd love to know!
Have a happy Tuesday!