Friday, 24 April 2009

What a puzzle!! ;-)

Well Ms've let me down...BIG TIME!!

And twice!

First of all, with the news that we all did not want to hear, that's if we live within striking distance of Exeter...or even in the city, like some ..take Joe (Josie Mary blog) for instance..she'll be gutted! She might even have to ring in sick!

Yes, you've guessed it!

No CK for Exeter ;-)

Instead, another flamin' restaurant for Exeter Princesshay (as if it has not got enough eating places already!)

An Italian one, no less.

To be honest, I don't know how 'some of us' will get over the disappointment, seeing as 'some of us' were walking around to the old Orange Tree premises every Saturday, looking for any news of a forthcoming CK shop. ;-)

Grrr...(quick cyber tantrum...join me if you so wish)

I got the news direct from 'my man in the know' in Exeter, whilst I was battling with my weekly food shop. I dropped my eggs and cried on the spot ;-)

He also reminded me that I had placed a small bet with him and so therefore owed him some money...just to rub salt into my very large and wounded heart.

Dear've missed a trick and Exeter will welcome you with open arms WHEN you do decide to hit...

Just don't leave it too long please. I know you'll get here one day!
And now here comes my second little grumble with you!

(Oh my CK, you are not having a good day, are you?)

See this is page 53 of your new CK catalogue. (Everyone rush to get it)

Digital wallpapers.
Focus on the map.

This is where CK has missed a trick!

This was my fave jigsaw when I was young.

I had a fascination with England and the counties within it.
I personally think that everyone should have a jigsaw like this when they are young. I am always horrified at how little people know about their own on University Challenge, when students are asked in which counties certain places are situated.
Anyway,I digress..
Mine is the true vintage I loved this jigsaw!
It cost 12 shillings and 9d!
Made in England (not Taiwan;-)

The real England...before reorganisation in 1974.

Some of you will not even remember that... but I do!

In 1974, boundaries altered..and some counties even ceased to exist!!

See this..

Now spot the difference...

Avon suddenly became!
See this...
Rutland was no more!
I mean how awful to lose your county!

And guess what...CK has used the version from after reorganisation and that's why I think she really missed a trick ..BIG TIME!

Should I tell her? Would you?

Should I offer her my jigsaw to photograph?


One thing's for sure...

They never messed with Devon when they reorganised!! ;-)

I mean, they could not mess with Devon... and also Cornwall for that matter, for Cornwall is vital stops Devon from eroding on its west coast...LOL! ;-)

And with that..I have a jigsaw to make and a letter to write to CK!

Have a lovely weekend everyone ;-)


Floss said...

I like the way that some inhabitants of Avon describe themselves as living in 'Occupied Somerset'! Have a great weekend!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi Sal! You must be gutted. I know the CK doesn't affect me, but I will join you and we can both spit out our virtual dummies together with regard to the county thing! Before 1974 Lincolnshire was the 2nd largest county. In 1974 the north of Lincolnshire and the part of Yorkshire near the Humber were hived of from their respective counties and amassed together to form Humberside. This caused a lot of bad feeling people are very possessive with their county boundaries, aren't they? Eventually north Humberside became East Yorkshire and South Humberside became North Lincolnshire. Oooooh I feel better for that! SueX

Country Cottage Chic said...

Avon doesn't exist anymore but they still insist on using it on online forms if you have to put in your county. I live in the "new" South Gloucestershire which used to be Gloucestershire, then became Avon, then South Glos & to make it even more confusing we have a Bristol pustcode even though we are about 10m miles from Bristol.
Still with me?
So on most online forms I have to choose either Avon or Bristol as South Glos doesn't exist on the www but it does really cos I live there...or maybe it's only in my imagination?

Anonymous said...

I second 'Country Cottage Chic''s comment - I hate being forced to live in Avon by online forms when it doesn't even exist! We too have a Bristol postcade and are supposed to state Bristol as our address when we live in a different county. Perhaps we are living in some kind of parallel universe... you've got it easy in Devon!
Racahel x

Josie-Mary said...

No comment..... glad your post was nicer then your email, how rude..LOL!!!! I wonder how many restaurants Exeter needs??? I really think you should write to her.
Great puzzle, I did one of the world with my nephew once on Christmas day after a few drink on Christmas eve.... I was rubbish!!! :)

galant said...

I'm sorry for all those who wanted a CK in Eketer ... I'm pronouncing this like a West Indian guard once did on the train from Paddington as in "the next stop will be Eketer" (I'm not being racist, I thought it was absolutely charming!) but as I think I've mentioned before, I'm not a great CK fan because she's becoming as ubiquitious as the late Laura Ashley was in the 1970s, with her floral prints and milkmaid dresses and patchwork bits everywhere.
That aside, I loved maps of Great Britain, too, when I was young and my bestest present when I was 8 years old was a globe II hae it still)! I didn't have a jigsaw of the UK, but my late Uncle, who lived in Lancashire and would come to visit us in Devon (until he moved to Devon with my grandfather in the 1950s) used to draw and paint a map for me ... a bit like a yellow brick road, and at the beginning of the road he would put his home town (Rochdale) and at the end he would put Torquay. Along the route he would paint in all the major towns that he went through on his journey south, with little scenes, such as Nottingham (boots & shoes) and Kidderminster (carpets.) I just wish I'd kept one of those delightul maps. He was a pretty good artist, I might add.
Margaret P

twiggypeasticks said...

Your CK news is annoying, I will join your cyber rant by ripping a tissue - I'm feeling a little tired :)
Twiggy x
PS I will share him yes, well eventually !!

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, I remember that puzzle so well .... back in the days when Hereford and Worcester were two different places!!
As I'm always saying, what fun it is to be reminded of something which I didn't even know I'd forgotten ... if you see what I mean!
XX Shame about CK:(

Menopausal musing said...

Hi Sal, Blogger and Internet Explorer are doing their best tonight to have me "over the top"........ Am trying again to leave this message: I am obviously quite close geographically to Country Cottage Chic, as I am in South Gloucestershire but have a Bristol post code. Also, much of my formative years were lived in the East Riding of Yorkshire which later became North Humberside and then was changed again later. Perhaps that accounts for my eccentricity???? Anyway, sending you a cyber tissue re CK...... There! There! x

Vintage Tea said...

How naughty of CK to let you down :o( one thing to be blessed living local to London, I have numerous CK's on my doorstep - thank god for online ordering!

Victoria xx

koralee said...

just found your lovely blog...sorry to hear about CK not coming to your area...i think if we ever got one of her stores here in Vancouver B.C. Canada i would be the happiest person alive..i love her on-line shop..that is about as close as it gets....oh your garden is lovely as well...

Tillybud said...

I think you're right about the county thing - they should teach it in schools. With jigsaws! I like the bit about cornwall. hee hee

galant said...

I can see I'm alone re CK and it not being a favourite ... hope I won't be side-lined for my dissident views, tee-hee. I'm by no means a minimalist, indeed, no one was more delighted than me when this dreadful fashion trend (for that is what it was) was consigned to designer heaven (or hell, I would imageine!) Perhaps I will warm to CK eventually. I do have a CK ironing board cover, bought before CK became even more ubiquitous than IKEA. It's now looking the worse for wear and I would love to replace it with something really simple, like blue and white ticking. That's much more me!
Margaret P

KC'sCourt! said...

I had that self-same puzzle, I'm of that age too! I don't think anyone would dare to mess with Cornwall and Devon do you? As for not putting a CK shop in Exeter well really........Yes! how many restuarants does Exeter need! I'll let you no if ever Taunton gets a CK shop..........well we can hope nd wish can't we.........
Julie xxxxxxxx

sharie said...

We got a new CK in Liverpool. Ihave yet to investigate as I haven't been in Liverpool since I was 14.
I'm sorry she didn't open one near to you, I'm sure she could open several new shops and not lose money even in credit crunch time.

BTW they stuck us in Great Manchester, what a laugh no one uses it everyone still sticks Lancashire down on addresses.

Mr Snippets said...

I am sad for Mrs. S that there is to be no CK in Exeter but on the brighter side, I, at least, will get more fresh air. lol!

I too loved the map. I have always had a fascination with maps and charts (for the seafarers amongst us)

As for my beloved county all they ever did was change it's spelling to Devon when we all know it should be Deb'm.

Rubys mamma x said...

I sal thanks for stopping by, love this post, my girls have a globe light in their room which they're fascinated by so there's hope for them yet! Although they're only 4 and 5 quite a few members of our family are well travelled so they're aware of lots of countries already-just need to work on the counties, i agree its so important for people to know which is which.
I will def post lots of cuckoo photos, if ever you're popping to hampshire let me know i'll bake you a cake and pop the kettle on!
Kirsty xxx

Lace hearts said...

I so agree with you. The Avon/Somerset thing affected my hubbie's side of the family. It's quite a complicated thing, all this boundaries business. And people do feel very strongly about it went caught by it.
sorry to hear about the CK shop - what a disappointment.

Mrs Boho said...

O, how disappointing, I feel the same way about Waitrose. I so wish they would open a store here! ;0)

Shirl x

Curlew Country said...

Blimey you're scary you Devonites when you get going. My brother-in-law is from Tavistock and I know better than to get on the wrong side of him let me tell you!

Oh what a fab post, sorry you're so fed up. No sign of a CK shop north of the Watford Gap, not even Manchester which I venture to by train about twice a year. I'm still trying to get sent the flippin' brochures, phone call after bloomin' phone call! Do you think she knows about the North? (or even the Midlands?)

I think you should definitely contact the about the jigsaw - and we thought she knew vintage when she saw it!

Have a lovely week.

sumea said...

Tee hee
I think you should contact Cath re the jig-saw
Great post!
You are an amazing ranter ;o)

louise said...

Love the old jigsaw, and yours is so much better than CKs. I think you should contact her, she may well want to buy yours, and you can name a price! I am pretty good at towns and counties etc having worked in offices during my life. At least the empty shop premises is not destined for KFC! x