Friday, 10 April 2009

Devon delights!!

Today, Nich and I whizzed to Totnes, on the train.
It only takes ten minutes down the line and we were there in a flash...thankfully!
The train was packed and it was standing room only.
But oh my, it was well worth the journey!

Feast your eyes on this lot, bloggers!
I would suggest you get a cuppa and sit down very comfortably!
This might take some time!

This is Amanda's stall..and it gets better every time I visit!
But today, we were in for a real treat, as Amanda, her lovely mum...and Hesta (of Green Glamour fame!)... were all there to greet us!!
Along with...

Don't you just love him?
There was so much gorgeousness surrounding us!

I really didn't know which way to turn!
Well ,would you?

And as for Hesta's little table...just look at this beautiful little shoe!!

I do so love Totnes!

I am sure that, after savouring that lot, tonight I will have plenty of...

But that's not all!

I had a small spend! Well wouldn't you ? ;-)

I thought that this picture was so lovely..

As was this embroidery...
A couple of pretty tablecloths...
Some children's puzzle blocks, for my 'classroom'...
4 pretty hankies!

And a gorgeous little pinny from Hesta

And last but not least...

Well, I had to , didn't I?

But..I have not really finished as then we went off around the corner to see Lesley at..

This 'n That!!

It will be on my blog in a day or two it's another longish 'photo loaded' post, full of more vintage delights...!


A good day? I should say so!

Oh and thanks Nich for being so very, very patient!! ;-)

(You deserve a medal!)


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Taking the Liberty

Yesterday, I had an hour spare and the house to myself... and so I played around with some vintage Liberty fabric.

And various coloured coordinating ribbons etc

But I wasn't that satisfied leaving them plain!

So I fiddled around some more!
I found some 'Easterish' fabric with ducks on it.

And a few lovely stickers..

And I somehow got carried here you are for each of you!!

From me, with love ;-)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


You might be wondering what on earth I have been up to!

Well... yesterday was our Tuesday craft morning...

Near the end of the morning (after we'd finished the more serious bit, which I'll tell you about later) we were given a large Easter Egg and told (by my mum) to... ' make it an Easter bonnet and give it a face.'

Have you ever rolled around laughing so much,with tears in your eyes?

I do, frequently!

Don't you just love our efforts?LOL!

Mine was the one on the lhs as you look at the picture.

I tried to make mine 'demure and ladylike'!!

It was my sister's which had me in stitches!....
How brilliant is this...!!

Meanwhile whilst our backs were turned..

We each had an Easter gift in our place when we arrived....

And we settled down to learn the art of Kirigami

Kirigami is a variation of origami where the artist is allowed to make small cuts in the paper.

In traditional origami, papercutting is strictly prohibited.

Mum had found a set of books in David and Charles, recently.

They were graded in stages of difficulty

We rather enjoyed this !

But the real 'stars' of the day, of course were...

So, if you or your children are bored over the Easter know what you can do, don't you ?!!

Have fun!