Friday, 20 March 2009

A little bit of 'This 'N' That' in Totnes ! ;-)

This morning was a Totnes morning!
I wish every morning was just that!
My favourite shop in Totnes....
This 'N' That
It's a wonderful experience, an education, a real history lesson and a wander into one's past..all rolled into one!

And this is what you get...!

Or some of it!

I even spotted some of Michele's cards!!
These bloggers get everywhere!

I bought....
this poster, which now hangs nicely in the 'Dutch' area of my room!! ;-)
Well, when I say 'Dutch' area, what I really mean is that I have 6 coasters and a piece of Dutch Delft!

At the market I found ...

And my new summer attire on the same stall...well I wish... as it is mini Boden!

I have plans for it ;-) LOL!

And now the best bit ...
Speaking to Lesley at 'This 'N' That' ...she has got the blogging bug!!!;-)
I think she might be joining us all, in the very near future!
And that will be a real treat!
Ah Totnes! Don't you just love it?
I do!
Happy weekend everyone! ;-)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Left overs!

It's amazing what you can do with 'left overs'!

After I had made some pin cushions, recently, I found that I had a few longish strips of felt (pastel colours), left over...and some coloured threads, which I found in Pound World.

This was along with a 'partly wrecked' vintage embroidered tablecloth,to which I had bravely taken the scissors for an earlier project!

So I looked at all this on Monday and thought..'Ah, purses! (of some sort!)'

I about for...

I throw away far too many threads which could/should be used.

I'll pop them in my shop when they are finished!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My faithfulness ;-)

I simply could not resist these pretty little vintage hankies, along with a little china brooch and a lovely old violets postcard.

I found them here, in Kim's lovely Etsy shop:

And they arrived through my letter box, today.

What gorgeousness!!


Sunday, 15 March 2009

Not goodbye...just au revoir! AND A COMPETITION!

T'is s bit of a long post today...and quite a lot to read...but it ends with a competition/giveaway!! ;-)
Yesterday, I found some rather lovely notecards in my fave card shop in Exeter...
The Card Gallery, Queen Street ;-)
I love this shop!
You can guess the rest!
They didn't stay as notecards for long...LOL
Tags for the fair!

I fiddled about with card, fabrics,ribbons and buttons...

And soon had a production line on the go ;-)

I've packaged them up in sets of 4

And put them in my shop

Meanwhile ...WIP..

I had about half a yard of this lovely, soft, velvety fabric in my stash

So have added a few more hearts to the heart stash....(I mean Mr Snippets might like to ring the changes in his car, don't you think? !! )

Now for the competition!


Orange Tree , Princesshay, Exeter is closing!! ;-( ;-(

As you can imagine, this is rather upsetting for me!

It stocks (or did!) CK and Bridgewater a whole lot more...and I was always allowed to take photos to promote the shop.

However, Orange Tree already have a shop at Darts Farm, Orange Tree will live on ;-)

To comes the interesting bit!

What/Who is going to take its place?!!!!;-)

Please read on some more...


Orange Tree opened its first store at Darts Farm in Topsham more than a decade ago, and followed that in 2007 with the opening of the Princesshay shop.
It is run by Sandy and Li Case, who stress that the Topsham Orange Tree store at Darts Farm will continue to operate as normal.
Mr Case said: "We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Princesshay and it is with great sadness that we leave.
"We have had two successful years here but we have decided it is not quite right for our business."
He said a new store was expected to open at the outlet when Orange Tree closes.
"We have been made an offer we really couldn't refuse from an extremely good and successful business," he said.
"I cannot tell you who right now but I think Exeter will be very happy indeed that they are moving in here.


Wayne Pearce, Princesshay Centre director, said: "It is reassuring that despite the economic situation, Princesshay has continued to receive a good level of interest from a variety of leading brands and local independents regarding the units in Princesshay.
"We are in talks with an exciting new name to the city regarding the Orange Tree unit and are optimistic that we will be in a position to announce the new occupier in the near future.


Derek Phillips, chairman of Exeter Chamber of Commerce, said: "Princesshay continues to attract a huge level of interest and I think people will be very excited about who is moving into Orange Tree.





'Extremely good and successful business!!'

Are you all thinking what I am thinking?

Yes, I have somehow managed to convince myself that a new CK shop will be opening in Princesshay Exeter!!

Knowing the shop as I do, it's the ideal size...and with the Cathedral right behind it ..great for photos/ blogging purposes!!

(I could be way off the mark though. I have been known to be wrong about so many things!!)

And so for my competition...

All you have to do is say which business YOU think might be moving into Orange Tree.

If you want to all guess CK..that's fine!;-)

If you have any better ideas, then fine too.


I'll find a lovely giveaway..but it might be some time until they announce the new occupants of the be patient!

How exciting!!

Meanwhile, a huge thank you to Orange Tree!
You have given me two years of (almost weekly) absolute pleasure!