Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hearts, flowers,striped shirts...and more!!

Saturday started early at the Snippets place today.
Generally, if I wake early, then I
can't lie in for very long...valuable crafting time you see!!

I really had no intention of making these!
'Everybody does hearts', I told myself a while ago!

But the fabric was shouting out 'hearts' at hearts it had to be.

And then it was off on the train to Exeter!!
What a treat!!

I never tire of Exeter (as you know!) ;-)

And I never tire of looking in Jenni Flower, on our way to and from St Davids station.

My fave little flower shop .

Did I say we went by train?...

Lugets of Exeter have had a revamp...what caught my eye was..

these shirts!!

I wanted to cut them up and make wonderful things with them..there and then!

And the salesman soon came running out into Cathedral Yard, to see what I was up to!!

Apologies about the you can see, the cathedral kept getting in my way!

The window was a riot of colour and my photos don't do it justice.

Talking of colour..I found this wrapping paper in the best ever card shop on this planet...

The Card Gallery in Queen Street.

And this:

I can surely do something with these wrapping papers...but
if nothing else, I can just chop them into strips and pretend that these books sit on my bookshelves and that I am extremely well read.. LOL!

I also found this... a pad of paper with loads of pages, all the same..and my mind was working overtime as to what to do with it!!

Then I suddenly remembered why I really went into the card shop in the first place!
I was sidetracked as usual!
My dad's birthday is on Tuesday!
I foraged around and eventually found something apt.
My dad loves the past..he lives in it most of the time!
I don't blame him either.

Finally , as I wandered along Gandy Street, I noticed this piece of 'art' in a window.

I don't really like it that much but it made me think that maybe it was time I got out my paints!
Hope your Saturday was good too!

Friday, 6 March 2009

My Friday Snippets

Yesterday, it was World Book Day and when I had a few spare moments, I sat and made a handful of bookmarks...with this...

Meanwhile in...

I have put things of this sort:


...before thinking about other things...

I have to admit that I started the covers of these paper bag albums, before the last V&H Fair...and because they are so time consuming, I put them away 'for another time '.

I do love making them ...but they take me an age..and I love 'instant'!!

But I've started so I'll finish!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone ! ;-)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bags of Loveliness

Into these bags I put anything that I think might be useful for my, old postcards, books, posters, playing name it!
Want a peep?
I can't resist pretties like this!
Postcards and playing cards acquired over the years.

A nursery poster, purchased from Amanda at Totnes, some time ago

Old classroom reading books! I love them!

Mollie Clarke books... and others
All provide...;-)

Talking of bags..

Last week, I made a start on these ' Craft bags / Useful bags' for the fair, using a mix of materials: some thrifted vintage embroidery pieces ; recycled fabric ; ribbons and fabric from my stash.

This one was an ebay remnant from the USA, a few years name on the selvedge so I have no idea what it is!

I have put these in my