Saturday, 28 February 2009


Yesterday, I was foraging about in Poundworld when I uncovered these little Bingo boards!!

Smaller than the clipboards that I normally alter, I decided to buy three (of the 9 that were there!) and do something on a 'birthday' theme .

I went back to Poundworld today for the other 6! ;-)
So if you want to play bingo, in Newton Abbot..tough!;-)
And so..WIP...

Talking of 'Housey Housey'...I found this vintage ribbon on Etsy..

Cute isn't it?
I've no idea what to do with it so any ideas will be gratefully accepted!
Meanwhile, it's 'Eyes Down' and back to work ...
before I stop to watch Setanta and my footy team from 87 (Torquay in Devon) with a nice number 3 (cup of tea), hoping that they kick a garden gate (8 ) here : 86 (between the sticks)
However, the last time I watched them play, the two strikers played like 88!! LOL!! ;-)

Friday, 27 February 2009

Storage for the 'Artful Life ' ;-)

When you lead the artful life, there's no doubt about need storage!! And lots of it!

Which is why, when we paid a visit to Homebase, yesterday, to look at Bathroom you think we came home with bathroom tiles? LOL!

Here's what happened when we returned home with our 'bathroom tiles'..;-)


All to be revealed in a bit...!

Meanwhile, as I was is of utmost importance when you are a crafter!

Do you have a favourite piece of storage,big or small?
If so,what is it?

This is a 'Store 'n Spin' which has been one of my fave pieces of storage which I bought a couple of years ago...loads of pockets inside and out and as the name suggests, it spins around easily.

You can't have enough of these boxes...however many I acquire , I seem to fill them!

I'm not a lover of things plastic but I needed 26 containers for my chipboard letters and so Lakeland obliged...

I wouldn't be without this which I bought last year... a must!

And then there are baskets..and more baskets..

Wire baskets...

BTW ..They have plenty of these in Newton Abbot Homebase...

Craft bags...

And this little trug...meant for the garden but no way is it going there!

Obviously, the more shelves the better!

And I have not even started on the tins!


And here are the 'bathroom tiles'..!!

Filled with ribbons..for the mo!...

Which seem to sit quite nicely underneath my work table!!

Finally... Thank you for all of your ideas for my giveaway, here:

I put all of your names into a pot and drew out a winner ...


So please email me and let me know your address !

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!!;-)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Hats ...Paper bags... Brains...and a Giveaway ;-)

Yesterday, we made it to The University of Exeter , for the Blind Lemon Vintage Fair..

Walking into the hall , we immediately saw a friendly face that we knew!

Hesta, who had a table right next to me at the November V&H FAIR!
She is such fun and so talented !

Her hats are to die for..not to mention all of her other gorgeous items.
Here's her website:

We had a quick look around...
Mr Snippets got some new Spring outfit ideas ;-)

And I found some tips on how to dress my man...

Actually, I don't think he is too worried about what I might choose for him to wear..but...

He did comment yesterday that he was very worried that he might wake up one morning and find that certain parts of his body have been 'altered' overnight!! LOL ;-)

We arrived home and I did a bit of 'easy' crafting...altering some paper bags!
Yesterday morning, I'd had an idea! ;-)
I was wondering what to do with those lovely Amy Butler cards, purchased on Sat ; I was trying to think of something to make, whereby the whole design could still be seen.
I took a paper bag (the sort that I use for making paper bag albums)...

Folded it in half and stuck it to itself.
Stuck that to some black card so that the top of the bag opened.

And then I proceeded to stick those lovely Amy Butler cards on to the front part of the bag.
At first, I thought..ah receipts..everyone needs a safe place for those!
And then ,when I showed Mr S...he suggested various other ideas.

So..out with the sizzix letters...and receipts became seeds...

And once the seed was sown...

...there was no stopping me!!

Not forgetting...;-)


All from an idea!

Just imagine , if these don't sell at the fair, they will be hanging all over my house...and it won't be my fault, will it?!


The giveaway..tis easy!

Think of another word that could go on one of these.

I'll make one up for the person with the best idea, with the letters of your idea, firmly stuck on the front...or your name if you prefer!
Please keep the word to 8 letters or less !!
I'll announce the winner on Friday!!
And before I do forget again ..the winner of my last giveaway for the Chinese tag was
April (Cake makes the world a better place ) !

One last thing...

Ah yes!! Don't forget that tonight is 'Trimble night!'
Gail Trimble is the one woman annihilation company , an encyclopaedia on legs, who has taken on each University in her path and crushed them with her brilliance!
She bulldozed Exeter, almost single handedly!

If you don't know what I am talking about then watch the grand final of University Challenge, tonight at 8pm!
Phew! I wonder what it was like being her primary school teacher ?!! Maybe not too bad
...if it had been me, I would've given her my chair and told her to get on with it!! ;-)