Wednesday, 19 August 2009

It must have been his charm and wit that did it !! ;-)

This morning, my dear Mr Snippets went for a job interview!

And guess what? ;-)
He's just been told that he was the successful candidate!!
And that's not all...
Guess where it is ?
Whilst he was at the interview, I paced around the house for a bit and then decided to introduce myself to my craft room...I've neglected it just lately.

I had loads of scraps to use up so I made some pictures .

I mean he might want one for his office wall, eh? (not!)

Anyway...a huge 'Well Done' to my other half!

I will definitely be down to meet you for lunch, afternoon tea, etc etc...!



Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Congratulations to your husband! These times are not easy ones at the moment and it is good to get some good news isn't it. Enjoy the celebrations!
Your trip to the craft room proved to be fruitful, very pretty pictures.
Take care
Isabelle x

April said...

Congratulations Mr Snippets

April xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Well done Mr Snippets !!
Twiggy x

Michela said...

Hi Sal!
Congratulations to Mr Snippets!
I bet that you can't wait to reach him.. ;-)

Serenata said...

Many congratulations! How wondeful that you can meet up for ALL the breaks ;-)

Shabby Chick said...

Well done Mr S, I'm sure it's well deserved!

Mel xxx

Professor A B Yaffle said...

Thanks for all the kind comments
In these trouble financial times I thought it best to cut out the travelling... to you know where
I have an office of mine own and plenty of space to swing a cat, which is a refreshing change from living in a shabby shack. I am not allowed indoors and have to share space with what I think is a rake, spade and a lawnmower. It's hard to tell as they are brightly coloured and altered and I seem to recall buying simple plain wooden handled ones and the mower used to be green.
What swung it for me at interview was the accent and the fact that they had never seen anyone wearing flip flops with a suit

KC'sCourt! said...

Congratulations Mr S on getting your new job.
Sal your craftroom looks lovely, I shall be getting one soon can't wait.

Floss said...

Congrats - love the image you paint above, Mr S!

Florence and Mary said...

Congrats to your hubby,

Victoria x

Isobel said...

Hi Sal,
Congratulations to your husband!
Your pictures look really pretty. x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Wooop De Doooo!!
Well done Mr Snippets !!!!
Go celebrate and enjoy the moment,
delighted for you
Denise x

Guenievre said...

Congratulations to your husband !

LoloDesigns said...

What a lovely think to happen for your hubby. You must be so proud, well done him x

Menopausal musing said...

Congratulations Mr Snippets! Hope this doesn't mean an end to the lovely photography we have become used to seeing! Lovely workroom Sal, just lovely. My, what a lovely collection of plates too. X

sue15cat said...

Well done Mr Snippets....a job in this day and age...a very hard thing to get!!


Sue xx

Professor A B Yaffle said...

No worries about the blogging


You don't think the balaclava and shotgun had anything to do with it, do you? lol! ;o)

Rosie said...

Well done, Mr Snippets:) How wonderful for you too, Sal:)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Way to go Mr. S!!! And I do believe that you should have one of the lovely floral pieces hanging on your wall next to your family photo.

Cute plates you have there, too!!!


MelMel said...

That is good news!

Well done that man!


Cowboys and Custard said...

Well done Mr Snippets.. So pleased to hear your good news. What a great place to work too!
I guess someone will be hitching a lift to go with you to the bright lights of Totnes!?

Michele xx

Wild Rose said...

He must be thrilled ~ is he the new bishop?!?

Enjoy your weekend.

Marie x

landcuckoo said...

Well done Mr Snippets!

I love the burst of colour your pictures give, must try and get to see you at an event to see your goodies in person.

Take care
Sarah x

Felicity said...

congratulations to mr snippets! fliss xx

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hearty congrats to Mr Snippets!! Totnes has to be the most interesting and friendly town I've ever worked in! Hope you'll be as happy too.
Lesley :)

Lucy said...

Dear Sal,
Huge congratulations for your husband's new job and for your beautiful blog!
I am a relative newcomer to blogland and have recently discovered your beautiful blog. The stories are inspirational and you are such a whiz with the photo collages. Would it be alright it I included a link to you on my side bar in my "Most beautiful blogs" section?
If you have the chance please visit at: http//

I look forward to hearing from you and reading much more!

Anonymous said...

Oh a big Congratulations to you! I'm in Devon and Totnes is absolutely divine!!!

galant said...

Glad you like my collages, Lucy!
Margaret Powling

louise said...

Many congratulations to Mr S. He really has done so well to secure a job at this moment in time. x