Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dartington Delights !

If you happen to be in the South Devon area this summer, Dartington , which is only a stone's throw from Totnes, is well worth a visit, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you can visit the lovely Dartington Hall .
This is where the fabulous Literature Festival, 'Ways With Words' is held, each year.

I've been to this event quite a few times in the past... and thoroughly enjoyed many of the talks.
It's always been a dream of mine to stay here for a week , in a room overlooking the courtyard! Bliss! ;-)

Secondly , you can treat yourself to a wander around the beautiful Dartington Hall gardens

And then there is the Dartington Cider Press Centre!

Which is where we spent a leisurely hour or so, this morning.
There are a variety of shops here:
My particular favourite being 'Outside In '.

There's a book shop (above) and
a toy shop (below)

Plus various other delights...crafts, kitchen shop,foods etc

And then the best bit...
Cranks began in Carnaby Street in the can read all about it here:

I've always been a Cranks the book and love it!

Here's the cheese scone recipe for you:
1lb Wholemeal Flour
2 tbsp Baking Powder
pinch salt
pinch Cayenne Pepper
2oz butter or marg
10 oz grated Cheddar cheese
approx half a pint of milk
1. Put flour,baking powder,salt and cayenne in bowl.
2. Rub in the butter until the mixture resembes fine breadcrumbs.
3. Stir in 8 oz of the cheese
4. Stir in sufficient of the milk to give a soft,manageable dough
5. Knead gently and then roll out to a one inch thickness.
6. Cut out with a 3 inch fluted cutter (or similar)
7.Brush with milk and sprinkle with the remaining cheese.
8.Bake at 400 F/Mark 6 / 200 C for about 20 mins.
Makes about 15 scones...or 14 if you want to try one before offering them elsewhere!
(And their Bara Brith is not bad either!)
Happy Baking!


KC'sCourt! said...

One of my very favourite places is Dartington. I always went to the toy shop as a child, then I took my chidren. We love the place. I also used to work near Cranks Carnaby Street in the early seventies. Is there a recipe in the book called Homilty Pie? That was one of their original recipes.

Sal said...

Yes, Homity Pie is in there! ;-)

Bobbie Lynn said...

Another lovely place. Everything is so green a beautiful there.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love Dartington glass and have quite a few pieces, sal.
I also loved the original Cranks - had my first taste of Parsnip and Apple soup in there - and bought their original cook book which I still use. Love your new collage header.

Rosie said...

What a gorgeous place Dartington Hall looks. I have that exact same Cranks recipe book - it is dropping to pieces but I still use it - I still make the Crecy Plate pie sometimes. I remember eating Homity pie at their restaurant - do you remember the Oodles cafes in London too?

Florence and Mary said...

Looks like a fabulous place to visit,

Victoria xx

sue15cat said...

i have always loved that book, my original fell to bits, I'm on the look out for a replacement!

Sue xx

Menopausal musing said...

Not much beats Cranks. x

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hi Sal

How lovely to see pictures of Dartington Hall, it reminds me of a lovely holiday spent with my parents and my sister a few years ago. We went for a long walk around there.
Isabelle x

silverpebble said...

You always have such lovely days out Sal! 'Outside in' looks fabulous and many thanks for the recipe! I used to love to go to Crank's when I lived in London. Emma x

Professor A B Yaffle said...

I'm beaten all the time

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Sal

Looks like a great place for a visit!

Me and my friends all used to go to Cranks in Covent Garden when we used to go up to London now and again as teenagers. I've got the book too, must dig it out some time :)

Mel xxx

Simone said...

I used to go to Cranks up near Smithfields Meat Market when I worked up in London. I do believe that I have Cranks recipe book lurking in a cupboard somewhere.

cocoa and blankets said...

oh gosh I had forgotten about Cranks I had their cook friend went to dartintong College is sounded wonderful...lovely pictures...have a good week...helen ps my word verification was trafic how strange to have a real word

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, Yes, Cranks is just great. I have all of the cookery books and recall visiting the one in Covent Garden ** years ago ... it was a sort of pilgrimage!
At the moment I'm enjoying a 10 day Rover Ticket for Ways With Words but will blog some pics of the festival soon.
Lesley XX

Guenievre said...

Hello !
We visited Dartington Hall !!! Thank you for the photos !
I'll try the recipe this week !
Sorry I don't know this recipes book which seems to be very famous in Great Britain (shame on me ... )
Have a nice day !

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh Cranks.... my Mum took me to their first restaurant in London many many years ago.. and I loved the atmosphere and earthenware plates that my Homity pie was served on.. I still have their original cook book.. great carrot cake recipe!!

Alas.. Mr Custard speeds up when we pass The Cider Press... I wonder why?