Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Vintage Kitchen...meet Tubby Trex!

Apart from Marmite, (which I adore ) the one thing that I remember clearly, from my very young childhood, is Trex.
Trex featured highly in my mum's kitchen... and in her baking. (Trex was a vegetable fat.)
She would put on her apron and get baking.

This little book was one which she used regularly:

To whip up wonderful things!

But it was not just that!...
Enter Tubby Trex:

Tubby Trex was the star of the show and a great marketing ploy.
I doubt the name would even be allowed nowadays, for fear of offending someone a little 'tubby'!

I have the money box!
Each one came with a secret code that you had to remember, in order to twist off the lid!!
And there was good friend Tubby, dancing with the family;-)

But wait..there's more! ;-)

Inside every Trex pack there were cards, which my mum collected for me...very nice cards they were too ; double the size of the cards you got in the tea packets.

And she stuck them into albums for me.

Which, all these years later, every now and again, I get out and thumb through.

Good old Trex!
And good old Tubby!

And good old mum !


Menopausal musing said...

Thank you so much for sharing your "goodies"..... what lovely memories. I remember in our house it was the Bero Book Of Baking. Unfortunately, my parents were in the forces, so "stuff" was ditched and we were never allowed to keep things because it was more to pack with each move. I think that's why I am a hoarder now!! ;O) x

Rosie said...

What a super collection you have. I remember Trex being around but I don't remember Tubby Tex but I do remember the Pilsbury dough man and Fred the Flour grader from TV adverts. My Mum always used the BeRo book for baking and I still use it now for cakes, biscuits and scones etc. Doesn't home baking with Mum leave us with some wonderful memories?

April said...

wow, that's fabulous

April xx

Simone said...

Bring back Tubby Trex I say!!!

thriftymrs said...

Oh I have never heard of Tubby before. Lovely to learn more. Thanks for sharing.

Rosesposes said...

Hi Sal
I cant remember Trex but it was great to find out about him.
I love looking at all of the vintage memories x Dom

LissyLou said...

What a great collection!! x

Helen said...

I remember Trex, but not Tubby. He was well named, wasn't he?

louise said...

I can't remember Trex cards, maybe because my mum always used Cookeen! The illustrations in the cookery book are wonderful, and so of that period. Tubby Trex, I don't remember him either! x

Bobbie Lynn said...

Good memories and thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

Margaret's Ramblings said...

For a non Brit, what is Trex? Margaret

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a fabulous little collection! Can you still remember the code for the money box?? Hope so!

galant said...

You have made me feel soooo old! I remember Trex as a newly married in 1964 but for frying I used Cookeen and for baking I used Blue Band margarine. My mother used Echo margarine for just baking but I don't rememher what she used for frying or roasting, Cookeen too, I think!
Margaret Powling

Josie-Mary said...

Bring back Tubby!!! I've never heard of him before, what great stuff. How nice that you kept it all :) x

twiggypeasticks said...

That is wonderful Sal, what a great Mum! We are a BE-RO family and I still take all my baking with Twiglet recipes from my trusty Bero book. My Mum and Granny used to be Bero bakers too!
Twiggy x

cocoa and blankets said...

I wish I had kept things..I always remember that you got wonderful toys in the cereal boxes...I collected lots of super little dogs...and things in those days were such good quality not like the macdonalds freebies you get today...those were the days Sal..... I still have my Mums Be-ro cook book...she swore by it ...and my granny....

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love all the 'Tubby' Trex stuff! I have never heard of him before, but do remember Trex.
You've made me feel hungry now!!! ; )

Sharon xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh I love this culinary nostalgia Sal...
Tubby not exactly a good advertisement for good health but a charming character nontheless..
I am seriously in love with that money box and your Trex cards instantly reminded me of the Brooke Bond Tea cards that I collected avidly years ago...
We were a Stork family but I must say.. I bought some trex for pastry making a few weeks ago.. good stuff!

Michele xx

P.s Mr C has a costume for every day of the week..!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have not heard of trex but then again, I am a foreigner (of sorts!). Back in the US, we have the pillsbury dough boy. He is also a little tubby but we wouldnt want him any other way.

rachel the krafty girl said...

oh my god!!what a sweet collection.
ive never heard of trex before either.thanks so much for visiting me =)
i like making new blog friends


summerfete said...

How funny that they used a character called tubby to promote the product.

maybe thats where the word originates from.

A bit like lardy cake!!


cute cards!

Ragged Roses said...

I remember Trex but have no recollection of Tubby! I remember collecting cards from tea and also sticking in 100s of Green Shield Stamps into books for my mum - I remember the old bottle of glue she kept for it too! Lovely post

Vintage to Victorian said...

Yet another one who grew up with Trex but doesn't remember Tubby. Be-Ro yes, and I think Mum used Stork. It all seems an awfully long time ago ... but there again, just like yesterday!
Sue x